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UpBrainery works with Schools, Districts & All Educational Institutes to create technological solutions that cater to YOUR needs.


Students can begin to explore their careers in the classrooms with UpBrainery’s EdTech solutions.

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CTE Clusters



UpBrainery covers 16 different CTE clusters. 

From financial literacy to money management and planning and starting your own business. 

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AI Coaches for 1:1 assistance

Embrace the Power of Personalization with BrainLab

Mix & Match Concentrations and Courses to Create Your Own Pathway

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Intro Agriculture - Course Card.png

This Agriculture Food and Natural Resources Cluster is focused on the production.....

Engineering Nature.png

This course will focus on the roles of engineers and scientists in ....

My Botanical Garden.png

This course delves into the industry of production of food, be it in personal or...

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 9.30.42 PM.png

Embark on a journey through the wilderness in "Jobs For Nature Lovers"

Intro Arch. _ Construction- Course Card.png

Do you ever wonder who is responsible for the spaces in your city? The parks, buildings..

Mapping it Out.png

In this course, you will learn about architectural drawing techniques and then c

Building Bit by Bit.png

Do you think about how high rise buildings are built? What struggles do architects

Past, Present and Future.png

What do you know about the Bronze Age? Do you think living in that era would have...

Intro AV - Course Card.png

In this , we will understand the importance of the Arts, A/V Technology &...

The Future of Communication.png

You must watch the new WhatsApp privacy features ad as it is creating a buzz...

Lights, Camera _ Action!.png

This course uses documentary filmmaking process, lighting techniques....

I hear ya - Podcasting.png

This course uses documentary filmmaking process, lighting techniques,

Arts & A/V
Intro Business - Course Card.png

In this, you will learn about business administration, the skills we need to build

Climbing the Corporate Ladder.png

Climbing upwards in a corporate environment is a difficult challenge and often...

Building an Effective Team .png

Learn about the basics of how a team is built and who makes the show run. You...

It takes a team.png

Lanie is excited to learn about the IT management role in Sports Arena....