Experience an extraordinary classroom designed to drive the education system to success 

UpBrainery, a creative learning academy provide  AI driven solution to help teachers and schools deliver quality courses that support 21st-century skills. The aim is to provide a platform for transforming learning in the education system through AI and Machine Learning while making everything accessible, easier, and comprehensive. 

Use our platform to host your own classes or use the included interdisciplinary curriculums and engaging and exciting hands on kits that deliver a deeper dive in diverse topics and subjects. These kits help teachers explain practical experiments to their students that they are teaching. If these kits are applied in today’s academic prospectus then the education system will become more engaging and holistic. These educational kits are divided into subjects ranging from art, design, cookery, AI, engineering, coding, aeronautical many more. These are fun and provide thought provoking opportunities for both students and teachers. 

Also, with UpBrainery you work with a true Hybrid School Ecosystem to provide options for a single classroom, entire school or district-wide data-driven metrics, AI-assisted digital pathways, and personalized learning. We focus on a complete school tutoring aspects and all of which is seamlessly delivered either online (secured portal) to students or offline in a classroom.

Also, we emphasis on Career Technical Education (CTE). It provides students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, knowledge, and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners. Our certifications and pathways provide early exposure to CTE pathways and take away the burden from teachers to be subject matter experts and allow for seamless integration of interdisciplinary project-based learning.


All curriculum is aligned to State and National State Standards



Designed with neuroscience, endorsed by educators, experts and professionals



Hyper Personalized paths makes learning exciting, fun and provides a wider exposure in practice



Curriculum that is supported by custom all- inclusive materials and proper guidance to avoid dependence



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