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Online Tutoring from Grade K-12 Students in Dallas.

Looking for the best online tutoring service in Dallas? Here you go…

UpBrainery provides online tutoring services in Dallas to help kids ace their studies, core and elective subjects or concepts. Our tutors can be scheduled in advance or be booked on demand instantly 24x7 as per your need. Our one on one tutoring sessions are delivered through a safe and secured software to ensure your child’s safety. Our online tutoring in Dallas has a 95% satisfaction rate, and will help your child increase the learning as little as a couple of sessions!

No expensive fee structure. Pay as you learn!
Online tutoring fee starts from $10/hour.
Avail 2 FREE tutoring session to introduce your child to a better and interactive learning experience.
1. Require

Inquire for the best tutor match for your child using our smart machine system. Link to the tutor and receive all the information about the tutor's availability and learning method. 

Fill out our tutor inquiry form and our smart matching system will link you with an online tutor. Our system factors in subjects requested, tutor availability and learning styles.

Getting Help is Easier Than You Think
2. Get Help

The next step is reaching out to the tutor to get one-on-one or group help through our advanced tutoring platform. Our exclusively designed multi-functional software ensures smooth audio/video, screen sharing, and chat tools to boost learning.

3. Feedback

We believe in transparency to guarantee great results. To run this process seamlessly, both the tutor and student can rate and review each other after every tutoring session. This process assures the chances of better learning after every session

Tutor Form


M.Ed, Rehabilitation Counseling

Teaching Style:

Direct Instructor,

Question and Answer



B.A, University Studies

Teaching Style:

Direct Instructor,

Game-based Learning,

Hands-on Learning

T Casparian photo - Theodore Casparian.j


B.A, Mathematics

Teaching Styles:

Direct Instructor,

Hand-on Learning,

Question and Answer



M.Ed, Special Education

Teaching Style:

Direct Instructor

Hand-on Learning

Question and Answer

Matching Learner With the Right Tutors

We have the expert tutors to work on your child’s learning gaps. You will have only the best online tutors to choose from. All of our tutors are picked up after reviewing and vetting every applicant through academic and personal background checks, tutoring simulations, and interviews.

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