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Lights camera and action

You will not only learn how to record and edit documentaries but also understand the background information and learn about different documentary types.

Age Group

11 - 14

Grade Level: 

Middle School

Total Hours

12- 15 hours

Course Modules

• Logan’s Idea • Documentary Writer • Write A Script • Luis is Directing! • Story On A Board.. • Lighting Techniques • Cinematographer • DIY Light Box For Photography • Filming Equipment • Reflective Photography Umbrella • Documentary Researcher • Self• Documentary For Youtube • Downloading and Installing Adobe Lightroom • Basic Tools • Editing

Learning Outcomes

• Learn about documentary filmmaking from scratch. • Identify the difference between documentary and feature film. • Can understand the elements of documentary film and why they are so essential. • Know who is responsible for holding the creative vision throughout the whole process, from pre• production through to the final edit. • Learn that Documentary directors are great leaders, managers, and communicators.

Course Elements

• Quizzes • Video Quests • Video Scenarios • Hands-on Activities • Downloadables • Videos

Course Overview

This course uses documentary filmmaking process, lighting techniques, and filmmaking equipment to understand the industry and teamwork, as well as be able to pitch confidently to an audience.

This course includes:

4 Quizzes
5 Video Quests
4 Video Scenarios
5 Hands-on Activities
3 Downloadables

Related careers:

Documentary Writer

Skills you will gain:

Thinking skills
Cognitive skills
Observation skills

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Client Reviews

My son David loved this course! He's always been interested in filmmaking and this course gave him the opportunity to learn about documentary filmmaking specifically. He enjoyed learning about lighting techniques and using different filmmaking equipment. The handson activities were a great way for him to apply what he learned. Highly recommend this course! Jane K.

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