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Giggles academy

Hattie felt that it would be best to ask her group of friends and get their suggestions about Giggles academy.

Age Group

11 - 14

Grade Level: 

6 - 8

Total Hours

15 hours

Course Modules

• Early Childhood Development • Learning In Preschool • Building A Preschool • Hands-on “Preschool Floor Plan” • Logan The Preschool Director • Hands-on “Creating A Lesson Plan” • Kiyana As A Child Nutritionist • Hands-on “Reading Food Labels” • Hattie As A Preschool Nurse • Hands-on “Heimlich Maneuver” • Idris At The Front Desk • Hands-on “Ice• Breaker Challenge” • Lanie The Preschool Teacher • Hands-on “Weather Clothing Tags” • Hands-on “Popsicle Stick Frog"

Learning Outcomes

• Learn about early childhood development • Learn about the different stages of development • Learn about the characteristics of early childhood development • Learn about what children learn in a preschool • Learn about different skills that they learn • Learn about behaviors that are common in preschool children


• Basic Mathematics knowledge required

Course Elements

• Quizzes • Video Quests • Video Scenarios • Hands-on Activities • Downloadables • Videos

Course Overview

Hattie just found out that it's time for her little sister to go to preschool! She is super excited and she cannot wait for her to start school for the first time. However, she overheard her parents talking about which preschool they should enroll her into.

This course includes:

4 Quizzes
5 Video Quests
4 Video Scenarios
5 Hands-on Activities
3 Downloadables

Related careers:

Preschool teachers

Skills you will gain:

Thinking skills
Cognitive skills
Observation skills

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Client Reviews

My daughter loved Giggles academy! The handson activities really helped her learn and she had so much fun doing them. The videos and quizzes were also engaging and informative. I highly recommend this preschool program. Mary

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