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Engineering Nature

The science behind the mutations and different types of plants and food created will be the main focus.

Age Group


Grade Level: 

Middle School

Total Hours

12-15 hours

Course Modules

• Farmer’s Journey of Science • Make Your Own Pesticide • All About Agricultural Scientists • Modern Farming • Science Behind DNA • Genetic Engineer • DNA Isolation • Genetically Modified Organisms • Biotechnologist • Agrologist • Know The Chemistry of Soil (HO) • Soil And Plant Nutrition • Soil is Alive • Agricultural Equipment Technician • Smart Farm

Learning Outcomes

• Identify who biotechnologists are • Understand the need for GMOs in agriculture • Extract the DNA of a banana • Identify what DNA is and where it is located in the cell • Will be able to know modern methods of farming

Course Elements

• Quizzes • Video Quests • Video Scenarios • Hands-on Activities • Downloadables • Videos

Course Overview

This course will focus on the roles of engineers and scientists in determining the land suited to farming.

This course includes:

4 Quizzes
5 Video Quests
5 video Scenarios
6 Hands-on Activities
3 Downloadables

Related careers:

Agricultural Scientists
Genetic Engineer

Skills you will gain:

Scientific skills
Career exploration
Attention to detail
Critical thinking

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Client Reviews

My son really enjoyed the Engineering Nature course! He learned a lot about DNA, biotechnology, and genetically modified organisms. The handson activities were his favorite part, especially extracting the DNA from a banana. He's now interested in pursuing a career as a genetic engineer. Alex M.

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