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Sparking Curiosity is Our Goal

We provide thought provoking activities, engaging content, appreciation of asking the right questions to spark that natural curiosity.

Each activity, course and workshop is full of background knowledge, entertaining facts, vocab searches and so much more...

Digital Courses

Want to learn how Submarines work?  We have a course for that.

Want to learn how to sketch a Giraffe?  We have a course for that

  • Open the world of curiosity with a digital passport to learning

  • All digital STEP by STEP guides with immersive videos, engaging instructors and technology first virtual platform for a one of a kind experience.


Culinary Science


Engineering and Design Thinking


Science and Engineering

DIY Course App Images.007.jpeg

Coding and Programming

New Content Added Each Month


Keep the learning fresh month after month... 

Automotive Engineering.png

Design Thinking

DIY Course App Images.002.jpeg

Learning Science through Sports

Surviving Summer- Think Like A Scientist-08.png

Career Exploration

DIY Course App Images.007.jpeg

Coding and Programming


 Hands on Engineering

DIY Course App Images.004.jpeg

Culinary Arts

Seasonal Content, Gaming & Sports

Halloween is in the air!

it's all about learning Science, Engineering, Coding and more through engaging Halloween Digital Courses

Sign up early for our limited edition Virtual Halloween Workshops


As Easy as 1, 2, 3, Submit


Sign up and get access to all resources and instructions. Easy to follow pathway from Explorer to Expert.


Follow Step by Step instructions take you from basic to advanced skills on how to create and code your App.


Complete and submit your Mobile App and show the world the knowledge you've learned with UpBrainery.


What is Digital BrainLab Course Content

Digital BrainLab offers engaging courses, classes, workshops and activities on 1000+ of engaging subjects for all ages

  • Select from either DIY digital content

  • Participate in 100's of LIVE virtual workshops

Are the courses free of charge?

Yes, our digital courses are always free of charge for your child.  Now for a limited time everyone that signs up gets also access to FREE live virtual workshops. All you have to do is sign up and start learning!

How Does UpBrainery Help?

  • Provides access to step by step resources, mentors and coaches

  • Don’t know where to start?  We provide an easy to follow guide map

  • Teachers - use the Pathway to help your students learn all about all kinds of various subjects

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