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Our Story

Our CEO, Ghazal Qureshi is well-known in the commercial education sector, particularly in the area of incorporating STEAM learning with Project-Based Learning. Her expertise in Education and Technology led her to found UpBrainery Technologies in 2020, bridging the gap in educational delivery with technology.

UpBrainery Technologies is on the mission to Build Better Brains through artificial intelligence and machine-learning. We aim to transform education by expanding accessibility in across the world. Our strength lies within our educational technology tools that have enabled numerous students, educators and parents to learn and upskill via our EdTech platform BrainLab.

We are a team of EdTech enthusiasts, with over 12 years of curriculum development experience. Our passion has driven us to deliver over 10,000 hours of tested and proven curriculum. 


Achieving Milestones


UpBrainery is providing career guidance and STEM curriculum to 28K girls in NE Texas Council, with Girls Scout Council.


Partnership with NASDAQ to offer career exploration in the fields of AI and Cybersecurity courses to 15K students


UpBrainery is the exclusive educational partner to US Congress and the US Congressional App Challenge


Berkeley Research Group is utilizing UpBrainery to provide career guidance tracks to high school students in the Financial and Consulting fields

 Our proprietary BrainLab(™) educational technology platform is the vehicle behind our success stories. It enables us to deliver content via interactive sessions utilizing AI and machine learning. 

Our objective is to provide hyper-focused teaching pathways and insights into a student’s educational experience. Our data analytics and Machine learning coupled with our platform provide an experiential journey for each student.

Meet Our Team

GQ Headshot 2021.JPG

Ghazal Qureshi


UpBrainery Technologies


Vernee Hines

Co-Founder/VP Experiential Learning

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Tekedra Pierre

Director of Experiential Learning

The Village School


Faraz Iqbal

Chief Technology Officer




Chief Scientist

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