Studying on a Computer


When you see your child learning new skills or expanding their capabilities in a specific subject or concept, we know the amount of happiness and sense of pride you feel. 


At UpBrainery, we want you to have total transparency and know everything about what your child is learning, how they are learning it and with whom.



Our specially designed education Brain Bins are conceptualized and crafted by scientists, experts and educators to give your child the play education they need to enhance their knowledge and improve their social-emotional skills. 

Your child can learn new concepts and explore their interest all while having fun. These hands-on interactive educational Brain Bins include advanced materials and supplies with online step-by-step instructions create inspiring projects. All our kits are developed, sourced and MADE IN THE USA!


UpBrainery offers a virtual individualized tutoring program. Our vetted tutors are leaders and subject matter experts in their field. They bring traditional offline tutoring concepts online.  Our program exposes students to quality learning while using our technologically advanced platform.  Through 1-1 or group virtual tutoring sessions, students encounter a holistic learning experience that sharpens their abilities in a particular subject while providing the confidence to succeed.


UpBrainery takes the trust you place in us seriously. Through specially designed mechanisms we provide students the opportunity to learn and grow while bringing out the best in their potential, capability, and grow while bringing out the best in their potential, capability, and creativity.


Our distinct online platform delivers individualized curriculum to students.  Our classes are crafted by professionals and experts who are well versed in rapidly growing and changing demands in the way education and learning happens. 

Because all classes and curriculum featured are contained within our site, there is no interruption or crossing platforms from any outside source during learning. We blend AI technology, neuroscience based research and augmented reality to help students achieve maximum benefits. We provide an individual and innovative learning experience.


We offer creative digital activities to inspire and educate.  Our content is DIY, developed and designed by specialists, teachers and subject matter professionals to create virtual learning and  fun. 

From seasonal activities like making pumpkin slime to specialized topics like combating bullying, our DIY content is intended to improve hands-on and soft skills.  Additionally, we offer Brain Break activities for school holidays and days off designed as a virtual camp-like experience or to bridge the learning gap for certain topics.