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Why UpBrainery?

With our unique tutoring model, we are responding to the changes that COVID-19 bought as learning challenges for K-12 students. We are building opportunities considering what we know works best, as well as looking ahead to what we know students will need. We can help your children with our technologically advanced yet simple tutoring solutions.

1-on-1 Sessions:

We pair our 1-to-1, real-time student support with highly structured tutoring sessions built on a solid instructional foundation

Access to each learner  achievements and progress to help schools and families make informed instructional decisions.

Data Reporting

Virtual smart desk with access to tools such as calculator, code editor, learning resources and 3D models to make the learning experience unique.


Customized Learning Plan

Access to Additional Resources

Immersive Experiences

Certified Tutors


What Makes Us Different?

Our tutors can be scheduled for a 1-on-1 online session in advance based on your schedule.

Cramming for an exam or just need to have a quick strategy session? Book an immediate On-Demand session with a tutor 24/7

2 Convenient Ways to Learn

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Fill out our tutor inquiry form and our smart matching system will link you with an online tutor. Our system factors in subjects requested, tutor availability and learning styles.

How It Works


Get one-on-one or group help through our advanced tutoring platform. Use our specially designed audio/video system, screen sharing, and chat tools to increase learning.


After each tutoring session both the tutor and student can rate and review each other, offering valuable feedback for other students.


1st - 5th

6st -12th


Subjects For All Grade Levels


M.Ed, Rehabilitation Counseling

Teaching Style:

  • Direct Instructor

  • Question and Answer


B.A, University Studies

Teaching Style:

  • Direct Instructor

  • Game-based Learning

  • Hands-on Learning


B.A, Mathematics

Teaching Style:

  • Direct Instructor

  • Hand-on Learning

  • Question and Answer


M.Ed, Special Education

Teaching Style:

  • Direct Instructor

  • Hand-on Learning

  • Question and Answer

Matching Learner With the Right Tutors

We have the expert tutors to work on your child’s learning gaps. You will have only the best online tutors to choose from. All of our tutors are picked up after reviewing and vetting every applicant through academic and personal background checks, tutoring simulations, and interviews.

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