OUR SESSIONS help students deliver results, learn real-world applications with a better understanding of core concepts.

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Our modern platform offers a virtual individualized tutoring program with one-on-one or group sessions tailored for each student.

Our tutoring sessions are designed by technical experts using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through a safe and secure platform.

Our teachers and instructors are thoroughly vetted through a rigorous interview and aptitude process. We hire real teachers, professionals or subject matter exports from all over the globe to deliver a tutoring experience to help students deliver results, learn real world applications and have a better understanding of concepts so they aren’t left behind.

Our engaging instructors​ make it fun and educational for children at all ages.

Mastering Concepts Was Never This Easy!

We are your partners in education, every step of the way.

We believe in continuous monitoring of your child’s performance through weekly & monthly tests followed by paper discussions. A monthly report card, 1 on 1 monthly counselling sessions will also be enabled to keep you abreast of your child’s progress.


Fill out our tutor inquiry form and our smart matching system will link you with an online tutor. Our system factors in subjects requested, tutor availability and learning styles.


Get one-on-one or group help through our advanced tutoring platform. Use our specially designed audio/video system, screen sharing, and chat tools to increase learning.


After each tutoring session both the tutor and student can rate and review each other, offering valuable feedback for other students.


1st - 5th

6th -12th


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