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UpBrainery makes teaching fun and simple!

Reinforce concepts and teach a variety of topics with the BrainLab

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Courses are aligned to national and state standards


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Live Online Classes

Use our video conferencing software to teach classes from anywhere

The SmartDeskensures an immersive learning experience for students

All lessons and activity plans provided.

Use gaming and leaderboard experiences to enhance students' engagement

Use tools such as 3-D models and the SmartDesk to immerse students in the learning experience

Personalized Pathways, Adaptive Journeys, Smart Badges, and Micro-Credentials create an innovative teaching and learning experience

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Personalize Learning

The UpBrainery Difference

Student Leaderboards, Pathways, and Assesments

Personalized, guided pathways for students to discover new topics and subjects

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All-in-One Platform

The BrainLab organizes your courses, assessmentsattendance

in on single place.


Video Conferencing Software

Allows for live hybrid classes and 24/7 online tutoring

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