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Education and Training

The course also covers the assessment methods used to evaluate employees' knowledge and skills before joining the organization. Overall, the course aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to design and implement effective training programs that contribute to business success.

Age Group


Grade Level: 

High School

Total Hours

5 hours

Course Modules

• Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics • Education • Information Technology: E• commerce and OTT companies • Hospitality and Tourism • Business Management and Administration: Employment Industry

Learning Outcomes

• Understanding the optimization of goods movement in transportation, distribution, and logistics. • Gaining knowledge and skills related to training in the education sector. • Developing expertise in the IT industry with a focus on e• commerce and OTT companies. • Acquiring proficiency in hospitality and tourism management. • Enhancing business management and administration skills in the employment industry. • Improving presentation and communication abilities for various career fields.

Course Elements

• Deliverables • Presentation • Video Quest

Course Overview

This course explores the importance of education and training in various industries to enhance customer satisfaction, workforce productivity, and more. It delves into the significance of providing corporate training to employees belonging to different departments to ensure their optimal performance and efficiency.

This course includes:

3 Deliverables
3 Presentation
2 Video Quest

Related careers:

Logistics Coordinator
Education Trainer
E-commerce Manager

Skills you will gain:

Verbal communication skills
Analytical thinking skills
Conceptual skills
Critical thinking

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Client Reviews

Insightful course on education and training. Highly recommended for educators! Brian Ronald

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