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Welcome to UpBrainery, where subject matter experts collaborate with neuro-science based research to provide unique and innovative educational opportunities. This initiative is crafted by professionals and experts who are well versed in rapidly growing and changing demands in the educational sector.

Every child has a special interest, let UpBrainery help you in discovering it

You can call it your personalized educational platform where you can switch from small group classes offered by subject matter experts to one-to-one  online tutoring to experimenting with educational kits for kids. Our educational offerings are flexible, agile, and accessible. Our workflow is clearly transparent and there is no interruption from any outside source. We aim to blend Artificial intelligence technology, neuroscience, and research-based content to help kids achieve the maximum benefits whether at their own pace or led by an expert teacher. Let UpBrainery provide the unique path for your child’s educational journey. At UpBrainery, we respect every child, and aim to provide a unique and innovative experience.


Small Group Courses to Join:

Either online or offline, UpBrainery provides courses, and programs in subjects ranging from Grammar, Maths, Physics, Sciences, ACT / SAT Prep, Essay Writing, and many more.

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Help Build Better Brains

The education system is evolving each and every day and your child needs to hone his/her skills to adapt to the rapidly changing environment. Let them choose, learn, and succeed with UpBrainery.

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Do you have a Hybrid School Ecosystem?

With UpBrainery, work with a true Hybrid School Ecosystem to provide options for a single classroom, entire school or district-wide data-driven metrics, AI-assisted digital pathways, and personalized learning for elementary , middle and high school tutoring / classes. All of which is seamlessly delivered either in the classroom or online to students through a proprietary secured portal.



Use in Classroom or earn extra cash

Use the Online education platform to manage, teach and help your classroom achieve an amazing hybrid experience in inter-disciplinary learning. 

Earn extra cash

Teachers use UpBrainery's marketplace to offer courses in subjects ranging from Arts, Cooking, Grammar, Science, and Engineering, Coding or anything else you desire to teach.


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