Modernizing & Expanding the Education Experience

By personalizing guided pathways for students from K-12 to discover new topics and subjects

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For Any Subject

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Innovative Education

Innovation meets education with Personalized Pathways, Adaptive Journeys, Smart Badges, and Micro-Credentials

Courses spanning any subject from core to enrichment. Includes our specialized series such as Minding Your Mentals, MicroNowLedge, Congressional App Challenge, Mobile App Designer, and others

Aligned to national and state standards

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Gamify Learning

Learning is never boring! Gaming and Leaderboard experiences enhance engagement and learning

Interactive tools such as 3-D Models and SmartDeskprovide immersive experiences whether learning in online or in-person classrooms

TikTok style VideoQuests™ make learning FUN!

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All In One Platform

In-Person or online learning - the most innovative tool in learning has now built-in video conferencing

Whiteboards, Code Editors, Word Editors, Polls, Quizzes, and File Sharing: Just like a real classroom, but more engaging

For use by students at home to learn new skills and enforce core subjects - or - for use by teachers to help students in the classroom

Augmented Reality

AR (augmented reality) helps students make real world connections 

Our Technology

Artificial Intelligence

AI (artificial intelligence) is used to ensure students learn effectively

Neuroscience Based Research

Metric analysis for student's usage, attention span, and engagement