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As a Parent, Do You Fear the Summer Brain Drain?

Winters are passing by and soon it will be summer. But the phenomenon which raises questions in nearly every parent's mind is what will my child do in the summer? They might forget what they have learned in school, or screen time will become a priority.

In other words, you can say that parents will be highly worried about summer brain drain.

Although relapse of skills in children is very common during summers, it's not something which cannot be recovered.

Is Summer Brain Drain Experienced by Everyone?

The answer is no! Many kids have the opportunity to enroll in summer schools or maybe join online summer schools or some might have the opportunity of home learning.

However, there are students out there who are not able to join summer camps etc, then in that case when schools resume, teachers have to spend around a month or so helping them recall their lesson which is unfair to other students, and eventually burdens the educational experience.

How to Prevent Summer Brain Drain?

There are ways where students can avoid brain drain such as:

Encourage Reading:
Parents can motivate their child to develop the habit of reading over the holidays. They can also make their child join online modules which are related to different subjects and areas of interest. Like Upbrainery Tech designs small modules based on various topics. They upload it on their platform for students to access and learn a variety of skills and knowledge.

Educational Trips:
Educational trips are an interesting and creative way of learning from your surroundings. It sharpens the sense of observation in students. Later, students can journal about their learning and findings in the form of blogs and articles, so that it can encourage other students as well.

Enroll in Online Learning Programs:
Students can also join online-based learning programs in order to enhance their knowledge. There are a lot of learning programs out there, which, along with knowledge, give access to creative and fun-filled activities so that students can keep themselves engaged.

How UpBrainery is Helping Combat the Summer Brain Drain Fear of Parents?

Let us know if your child is a minecraft genius, or interested in tech, expresses through art, loves being a spy, or is a curious soul who needs to know the science behind everything.

Because we have our courses planned for all these niches. We will be launching them this summer so your kids have fun getting all this new knowledge! Till then, head now to our website and check out everything we offer.

Has Your Child Tried Online Tutoring Yet?

In many cases, online tutoring programs are the most appropriate option for your child in order to retain the habit of learning during the holidays. If you are looking for platforms where, along with learning, there are fun-filled activities to indulge in, then keep checking UpBrainery Technology's website as we will soon be launching exciting and creative programs for the Summer Camp.

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