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One Stop Student & Teacher Success Solutions

UpBrainery works with Schools, Districts & All Educational Institutes to create technological solutions that cater to YOUR needs.


Students can begin to explore their careers in the classrooms with UpBrainery’s EdTech solutions.


CTE Clusters



UpBrainery covers 16 different CTE clusters. From financial literacy to money management and planning and starting your own business. 


Design Your Own Education Path!

Embrace the Power of Personalization with BrainLab. 

Mix & Match Concentrations and Courses to Create Your Own Pathway


Badges / Credentials


Immersive Content

Engaged Students

Our Philosophy

Our Technology

UpBrainery's All in one technology software solution with plug and play modules to help with content delivery.

User Friendly

Instructional Delivery

Builds Engagement 

Through  Immersive Curriculum

Virtual Tools and

Video Conferencing

Build Once Use Many Times

1:1 Success Coaching

Micro Credentialing and

Custom Pathways


The Curriculum

Our instructional design team create custom curriculum or modify existing content to fit your needs. Curriculum is build to keep students engage and excited. 

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3D Models

Augmented Reality


How It Helps Students & Teacher

Badges, Leaderboard, and pathways help gamify the learning experience

BrainLab facilitates teaching and learning online and in-classrom

Preparing students for career success and exploration

Enables teachers to guide and assist students in CTE through technology

Enables students to acquire skills for personal and professional success

Available for synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid delivery.


I need to know more about BrainLab and the courses. Who do I contact?

Please email at or fill our “Schedule a Demo” form

Can I create customized pathways?

We enable your students to have the ultimate learning experience. Our cutting-edge technology empowers you to create tailor-made learning journeys that will help your students unlock their full potential.

I require courses for my school which are not listed on the page. How do I request for courses?

At Upbrainery, we're always looking for ways to innovate and evolve our course offerings to meet the needs of our educators. If you are looking for a course that's not currently listed on our page, don't sweat it! Simply drop us an email at and we'll work with you to design a customized course that's tailored to the unique needs and requirements of your school.