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Digital Internships

Embark on a transformative journey with our Digital Internships, where learning meets

real-world application across all CTE clusters

We offer Digital Internships For:

  • Elementary Level

  • Middle School Level

  • High School Level

Each digital internship incorporate use-case, hands on activities & 3D Models to allow you to learn how the academics connect to the real world applications.



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Marketing and Branding


Public Service and Policy

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​Embark on your digital internship journey with us, where every badge earned is a step towards recognition, motivation, and a promising future in your chosen career path​

  • Resume Enhancement

  • Portfolio Building

  • Industry Recognition 

  • Skill Validation

  • Recognition of Achievements

As Easy to Implement as course work in classroom 

or assign as Do it Yourself Homework Activity

Sample Courses:


Slithering Snake!

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Public Health Warriors


Advocacy & Policy


Pet Care


Criminal Justice Project

We Offer Custom Courses

Demand-Driven Curriculum: Share your specific requirements, and we'll develop a curriculum that aligns seamlessly with your learning objectives, creating a bespoke educational experience.​

Flexibility in Topics: Whether you're looking to delve into niche subjects, industry-specific skills, or specialized knowledge areas, our custom courses cater to a wide array of topics tailored to your demands.

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As Easy as 1, 2, 3, Submit


Send us an Email to Schedule Demo 


Explore our Courses


Implement in Your School


How do I gain access to Digital Internships?

Contact us Now at

How Does UpBrainery Help?

  • Provides access to step by step resources, mentors and coaches

  • Don’t know where to start?  We provide an easy to follow guide map

  • Teachers - use the Pathway to help your students learn all about all kinds of various subjects

Where do I find more info about Digital Internships?

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