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Digital Internships

Want to work on a project to end world hunger? We have an internship for that.

Want to be a part of designing a Smart City?  We have an internship for that

  • All digital STEP by STEP Internships curated from world leading organizations and startups.

  • Immersive  technology that walks you through case studies and internship experiences.

Connect academic learning to real world application through Digital Internships for: 


Elementary - Middle - High



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Marketing and Branding


Public Service and Policy

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Sparking Curiosity is Our Goal

We provide thought provoking activities, engaging content, appreciation of asking the right questions to spark that natural curiosity.

Each digital internship incorporate use case, hands on activities to allow you to learn how the academics connect to the real world applications.

Easy to Implement as course work in classroom 

or assign as Do it Yourself Homework Activity


Slithering Snake!

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Public Health Warriors


Advocacy & Policy


Pet Care


Criminal Justice Project

Endless Learning Pathways

Marketing is your jam or maybe you want to learn about construction

Unique Digital Internships provided for each interest and level

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As Easy as 1, 2, 3, Submit


Sign up and get access to all Digital Internships 


Follow Step by Step instructions take you from basic to advanced skills on how to create and code your App.


Complete and submit your Mobile App and show the world the knowledge you've learned with UpBrainery.


How do I gain access to Digital Internships?

Contact us Now at

How Does UpBrainery Help?

  • Provides access to step by step resources, mentors and coaches

  • Don’t know where to start?  We provide an easy to follow guide map

  • Teachers - use the Pathway to help your students learn all about all kinds of various subjects

Where do I find more info about Digital Internships?

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