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10 Habits For A Productive School Year

The summer holidays are over and that means you’re back to worrying about your child’s potential during the new school year. A new school year for your child means a new beginning. A few simple and healthy habits can ensure a productive school year ahead for them.

These simple practices added to the daily routine can prove to be really helpful!

Create A Proper Nighttime Routine

Do you know what’s important for an active and productive school year? A good night’s rest. It’s important that your child gets the necessary hours of sleep each night so they can engage in school activities properly.

A well-rested child has higher energy levels throughout the day and is able to concentrate better in lessons during school. Choose a bedtime and stick to it for following a proper routine.

Get Organized

Clutter means chaos. It can get really frustrating for your child when they are unable to find their much-needed notes during class. Loose pages and untidy notes leave a bad impression on teachers while wasting your child’s time searching for them. Teach them to get organized before school starts and make them stick to that habit.

Using a binder will make it easier for them to store their notes and handouts. Each night before going to sleep, let them pack their bag and keep everything in an orderly manner for the morning. You’ll be able to see a difference in their productivity level with this simple task.

Breakfast Like A King

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and affects daily output the most. Ensure that your child is waking up early enough to eat a proper breakfast for an energy-filled day.

Breakfast is fuel for the day so make sure that your child is getting enough nutrition from their meal. A protein and energy-filled breakfast like peanut butter and bananas will keep your child full and their stamina high throughout school hours.

Pack A Healthy Lunch

The next most important meal after breakfast is your child’s lunch. You can get them to pack a healthy lunch or if they’re young, you can pack something for them. It’s better to pack lunch the night before so you’re not in a rush before heading to school. Energy-packed snacks can give them a boost during school hours so they don’t lose concentration in the latter half of classes.

Make Goals For The Entire Year

Sit down with your child and see what they need to do over the entire year. Do they want to join the debates and boost their confidence? Are there specific subjects for which they want to improve their grades?

Make a list with your child and put it up somewhere they can read it every day. From time to time talk to them about their goals and their progress toward them. Maybe they need to change their goals during the year to something that requires more attention.

Set A Time For Doing Homework Each Day

Children normally set homework off till the last minute which often makes it a hurried attempt at completing work. When you select a time for them to complete their assignments, they focus on their work and put in the required effort. It can be when they return from school or an hour before dinner but choose a time that works for both your children and the family. Adopt this habit and watch your child’s grades improve.

A Planner For Daily Habits

If your kid has a habit of forgetting important tasks then getting a planner would be a lifesaver! If you’re writing down everything from your assignments to any extracurricular activities, there’s nothing you can miss. Simply jotting down daily tasks will help you know your priorities and you will be able to schedule everything on a daily or even weekly basis. If you’re worried about your plans for the weekend, just check your planner for any pending tasks, and you’re good to go.

Reward Successes

As a parent, you can keep a tab on what your child is finding challenging. It could be a sports activity or a simple topic in math class. Keep boosting their morale and acknowledge them when they face a challenge. Students who feel they have accomplished something in school should also reward themselves and feel good about facing a certain challenge. A reward doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive gift, it can be a simple note or an affirmation that you’re noticing them work hard to achieve their goals. This habit will boost their morale and encourage them to do better!

Plan The Upcoming Week

Before school starts each week, it’s important to review the productivity and management plan for the upcoming days. Any papers due during the week? Get started on it beforehand so you do a good job. Being parents you can sit down with your children and help them plan for the entire week so they know how to effectively manage all assignments and socialize within the week. This habit will help them plan for the years ahead and manage their activities according to their workload. Every Sunday you can go over the weekly tasks and be prepared for everything.

Keep Checking Daily Habits

Parents play a pivotal role in their children’s day-to-day activities. Staying involved in their lives and asking them about their day will make it easier for them to share their experiences with you easily. Maybe they auditioned for the school play and need to tell you how it went for them.

You’ll be able to know if they’re on the right track with their school and education if they continue to communicate with you about their routine. So be ready to hear them whenever they want to talk and express their feelings.

Following healthy habits for a productive school year is also applicable to those continuing online education from home. UpBrainery is a platform that includes those going to school and those studying from home as well.

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To learn more about how your child can learn more and have a productive new school year, visit our website

Here’s to a happy and productive school year!


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