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Summer Brain Drain and How to Prevent it

Summer brain drain, summer slide, or summer learning loss – sounds familiar, right? Whatever you name it, you can’t ignore it as it is a real phenomenon. This relapse in skills is very common in children over the summer. It’s neither unavoidable nor irrevocable.

How Much of Learning is Lost During Summer?

What’s the Big Deal?

You might think that if this summer loss is that common and is happening to every kid, then what’s the big deal?

The answer is it doesn't happen to every child! Why? Because some children are able to cover the learning loss by going to summer school, some join online summer courses and others endure their learning at home over the summer. Now you have to decide where do you want your kids to stand after the summer break.

Most importantly, skills loss during the summer means that teachers often spend approximately a month and a half of the school year reteaching the lost learning and skills. This is a great loss of classroom time and resources to reteach some children while others are ready to move on to further learning through the new school year’s material.

How Can We Prevent Summer Brain Drain?

Now you know how important it is to prevent your kid from the summer brain drain but how to do it? Here’s the answer. Your child can avoid the learning loss if you can make a little effort to keep their brain engaged during the summer and provide enriching experiences without even trying all that hard. Here are a few easy ways:

Encourage Reading

Encourage reading by taking them to the library. You can pick out the books for your children to read over the summer. There are summer based reading programs in libraries as well. A summertime theme may keep them more interested in reading. You can talk to the librarian to devise a personalized reading program that focuses on summery activities and ideas.

Take educational family visits

Even if you can’t make it to historical sites, there are ways you can make your summer trips and time educational. You can plan a trip to the zoo that can be a really good learning opportunity. You only need to plan ahead to find out how to integrate some learning in keeping the attraction and theme in mind.

Consider an Online Summer Learning Program

Some online summer programs not only provide learning opportunities for kids but also give them access to fun activities. They also give kids the chance to keep their minds running and be engaged through interactive online tutoring for core and elective subjects.

There are many cases in which an online summer tutoring program is the appropriate option for your child. If you’re thinking to look for an interactive, fun and personalized online summer program then keep checking THIS space. UpBrainery is soon going to launch its amazing and enjoyable “Summer Brain Gain Program” which your family would fall in love with.

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