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UpBrainery Partners with Congressional App Challenge

Developing the next generation of app developers!

An Introduction to Congressional App Challenge

The United States Congress has always been at the forefront to promote initiatives that help the American kids in their educational journey. The Congressional App Challenge is one such initiative. It is a revolutionary step of the United States Congress to get more American students involved in STEM fields. Congressional App Challenge is the largest and most diverse student computer science competition of its kind.

The unrivaled reach of the United States House of Representatives, and the innovation and agility of the tech sector, fuse together to inspire students from every congressional district in the nation to try their hand at computer science. Each Fall, thousands of students from across the nation compete in hyper-local App Challenges hosted by their Members of Congress, with one winner from each district receiving an invite to the Capitol to display their winning app for Congress. It is estimated that from the year 2020 to the year 2029, the increase in jobs in the IT sector will rise up to 11%, which is unmatched. There is a dearth of human capital to fill programming-related vacancies as at least 1 million jobs will go unfilled by the year 2022.

With these stats, it is about time that competitions like the Congressional App Challenge help create the next generation of STEM workforce by introducing kids to Computer Science concepts early.

Year 2020 was in particular a record setting year as the competition saw the App Challenge fill the critical educational gap created by COVID-19 for thousands of students.

There are even more ambitious goals on the horizon for 2021 for the program.

Why is it important?

Participation Goals

In 2021, the Congressional App Challenge aims to reach 15,000 students from 350 congressional districts in all 50 states. This would represent record setting years in all three categories, with student participation increasing 50% over the current program record.

Demographic Goals

In 2021, the Congressional App Challenge aims to ensure at least 45% of 2021 students identify as girls, 15% of 2021 students identify as Black, 3% of students identify as Native American, Native Alaskan, or Native Pacific Islander. The program also aims to host 33% of App Challenges in rural districts. To make this a reality, the App Challenge is working closely with non-profit leaders in underserved communities across the nation.

UpBrainery Partners with Congressional App Challenge

UPBRAINERY has the brains to help Code the Future. It offers comprehensive courses that guide students through all the necessary steps for building their own web or mobile apps.

UpBrainery’s computer science courses are constructed in such a way that they help students become interested as they go further into their course. UpBrainery wants to help students learn to code & program in order to complete their own apps. All one has to do is sign up and start coding!

UpBrainery completes the picture!

  • Provides access to step-by-step resources, mentors and coaches.

  • Don’t know where to start? We provide an easy-to-follow guide map.

  • Teachers - use the Pathway to help your students learn all about designing and coding an App.

  • Students - use the Pathway to work on your own App and have a chance to win a trip to Washington.

According to various surveys, the current annual salary of APP developers is to reach $70K. This is one of the main reasons why so many beginner developers want to join this industry. UpBrainery wants to give students a platform where they can learn about app development for free, so that they can reap the rewards in the upcoming promising future.

The diversifying U.S. population makes it clear that the key to America's future global competitiveness in STEM is engaging underrepresented populations at all stages of the educational pathway. Currently, there is a relatively low representation of underrepresented minorities in these programs. Uprainery will help those underprivileged schools and kids by training them to complete and earn badges as they start their journey on becoming an Expert!

Pathway: Explorer to expert

  • A guided Pathway on how to start as a beginner all the way up to a Mobile App Designer.

  • From printing "Hello World" in basic HTML to UI/UX designing and storyboarding. We take you step by step through the process of creating and submitting your Mobile App.

  • 15 hours of instructions and design from start to finish.

How to Sign Up?

  1. Sign up and get access to all resources and instructions, with an easy-to-follow Pathway, from Explorer to Expert.

  1. Follow step-by-step instructions that take you from basic to advanced skills on how to create and code your Mobile App.

  1. Complete and submit your Mobile App and show the world the knowledge you've learned with UpBrainery.

To make the most of this brilliant opportunity, enroll today in one of our FREE courses:

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