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Every student in America is distance learning right now! Teachers are having classroom meetings on Zoom, sending in online assignments and signing students up for various learning apps. Often students and parents are left to “figure it out” without much distance learning experience. Plus, those parents still working, virtually or in the community, are trying to balance it all.

At UpBrainery we take the guesswork out of distance learning. Our platform is modern and soon it will utilize Artificial Intelligence to enhance the online learning experience. We aren’t just a site housing a bunch of videos for students to watch. We are a platform with LIVE teachers and subject matter experts teaching students around the world. We are engaging students, asking questions, expecting feedback and offering a LIVE virtual learning experience in core subjects and additional enrichment classes not even offered in some schools like rocket science and screenwriting. Our classes are hour-long sessions offered two to three times a week and give students hands-on experience in a variety of subjects from math and science to cooking and even entrepreneurship. And these classes aren’t boring. We make them fun and interactive. Register today and experience a LIVE virtual classroom of the future!

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