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Travel Tales

This course encourages students to learn about kindness, politeness, and cultural awareness while exploring the exciting world of hospitality.

Age Group


Grade Level: 


Total Hours

10 hours

Course Modules

•Introduction to Hospitality •Exploring Different Places •Welcoming Guests •Hands on - Greeting Card •Being a Polite Host •Exploring Different Cultures •Setting the Table •Hands on - Set My Table •Sharing Tasty Treats •Being Helpful •Keeping Places Clean •Hands on - Clean My Room •Expressing Gratitude •Hands on: Create a Gratitude Jar •Celebrating Together

Learning Outcomes

•Learn the importance of hospitality, friendliness, and creating a welcoming environment. •Develop basic manners, greeting skills, politeness, and table manners. •Understand the value of keeping places tidy and taking responsibility for shared spaces. •Learn to express gratitude to guests, share food, be kind-hearted, and celebrate special occasions with a hospitable spirit. •Respect different cultures, and customs, and understand the importance of learning about them.

Course Elements

• Quizzes • Hands-on Activities • Downloadables • Videos

Course Overview

Join Jack and Cora on a journey through Hospitality Land! You will learn the importance of hospitality, explore diverse places, practice politeness, embrace cultural sensitivity, develop responsibility and cleanliness habits, and nurture gratitude and kindness. Get ready for fun, learning, and making the world a friendlier place!

This course includes:

10 Quizzes 6 Videos
5 Hands-on Activities
10 Downloadables

Related careers:

Hotel Managers
Restaurant Managers
Bed and Breakfast Owner/Operator

Skills you will gain:

Social Skills
Cultural Sensitivity
Organization and Attention to Detail

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Client Reviews

My son thoroughly enjoyed this course.He completed the course and can't stop raving about it. The hands-on activities kept him engaged, and he's picked up valuable life skills like politeness and hospitality. Plus, he's now super excited about careers in hospitality. Highly recommend it for fun and learning! – Emily

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