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Jobs For Nature Lovers

This course is designed to learn and understand the careers related to families and human needs

Age Group


Grade Level: 


Total Hours

7.5 Hours

Course Modules

• A Day In The Life Of A Farmer • Life On The Farm • From Farm to Plate • A Dairy Farmer • Paper Plate Cow • Let’s Go To The Farmer's Market • Happy Farmers- Happy Farming! • Soil Scientists • Let’s Play With Clay • Be A Witty Vet • H for Hydrologist • Water Cycle In A Bottle • Creepy Crawly Pests • Who Controls The Naughty Pests? • Who Works In The Forest?

Learning Outcomes

• Be able to learn about Farmers and farm life • Be able to tell about the wheat• making process • Be able to tell who is a Dairy Farmer. • Be able to tell what a farmer's market is. • Be able to tell who is a Farm Manager and soil scientist • Be able to tell what is a Veterinary Scientist, Hydrologist • Will understand the water cycle • Be able to tell about the Pest Controller

Course Elements

• Hands-on Activities • Quizzes • Video Quest's • Scenario• Based Videos • Downloadables • Video Instructions • Interactives • Concept Checks

Course Overview

What does the word “agriculture” bring to your mind? Maybe an image of a Farmer moving the tractor on a wheat field? Or a farm throwing feed to the animals? But there is so much more to the jobs in the field of Agriculture. Let’s study them.

This course includes:

6 Hands-On
10 Activities
10 Quizzes

Related careers:

Dairy Farmer
Farm Manager
Soil Scientist

Skills you will gain:

Creative skills

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Client Reviews

This course is a fun and interactive way for kids to learn about the different careers related to agriculture and natural resources. The handson activities kept my son engaged and he learned a lot about farming and soil science. Louis V.

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