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It's Everywhere! Creative Curiosity Lab

Discover the wonders of STEM with Jack and Cora as they explore science, technology, engineering, and math through engaging hands-on activities

Age Group


Grade Level: 


Total Hours

10 hours

Course Modules

•Introduction to STEM •The Wonders of Water •Magical Magnets •Fantastic Forces •Shapes and Structures •Counting with Characters •Exploring Our Senses and Colors •Plants and Growth •The Solar System Adventure •Fun with Friction •Magnetic Playtime - Hands-on •Balloon Race - Hands-on •Sun & Earth Model - Hands-on •Friction Experiment - Hands-on •Water Absorption - Hands-on

Learning Outcomes

• Gain foundational knowledge in STEM fields, fostering curiosity and inquiry. • Develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills through hands-on exploration. • Cultivate an understanding of the natural world, including water cycles, forces, and the solar system. • Enhance sensory perception and pattern recognition abilities. • Promote scientific awareness and creative expression. • Encourage experiential learning for holistic development.

Course Elements

• Quizzes • Hands-on Activities • Downloadables • Videos

Course Overview

Embark on a dynamic STEM journey with Jack and Cora as they explore science, technology, engineering, and math. From magnetic mysteries to watery wonders, this interactive course inspires curiosity and critical thinking in young minds.

This course includes:

10 Quizzes 6 Videos
5 Hands-on Activities
10 Downloadables

Related careers:

Environmental Scientist

Skills you will gain:

STEM Knowledge
Creative Expression
Observation and Analysis
Emotional Awareness

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Client Reviews

Engaging STEM course for kids! It sparks curiosity and teaches practical skills through fun activities. Highly recommended for hands-on learning and fostering a love for science and math. - Mark

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