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This course is designed to learn and understand about the Architects.

Age Group


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Total Hours


Course Modules

• Who Is An Architect? • Map Of My House • Design Your Dream House • Spaghetti Structures • City Mayor’s Got A Plan! • Urban Planner (A Green City Of Your Own) • Construct Your Own Neighborhood • Public Places • Architects Like The Ancient Greek • Paper Roll Parthenon • The Colosseum• Roman Architecture! • Landmarks Are Beautiful • Cardboard Colosseum • Paper Bag Buildings • Awesome Architects • Funny Architects • Victorian Architecture • Victorian Cardboard House Using Recycling Material • Architects and Math- A Cool Combo • Let's Build A Pyramid • Shape Architecture • Little Builders- Construction Workers • Builders Hand Puppet • Construction Tools • Cardboard Tube Skyline • Let’s Reflect- All About Architecture

Learning Outcomes

• Be able to learn how the Colosseum was constructed. • Be able to understand Roman Architecture • Be learning about how architects built the Colosseum. • Be able to understand landmarks and their importance. • Be able to understand some Geometrical Terms. • Be able to understand how to make a model of a landmark. • Be able to understand Unusual Structures and Weird Buildings in the world. • Be able to understand the purposes behind the unique buildings and structures.

Course Elements

• Quizzes • Video Quests • Video Scenarios • Hands-on Activities • Downloadables • Videos

Course Overview

Have you ever played with blocks to make a skyscraper or a really cool building? Then you have a knack for one of the most engineering fields, Architecture! Learn how to build, restore and repair different types of buildings and about the unique jobs that make each step happen!

This course includes:

Total Activities = 26
Hands-On = 22
Activities = 4
Quizzes = 4

Related careers:


Skills you will gain:

Technical skills
Analytical skills
Critical thinking skills
Creativity skills

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Client Reviews

My kid's imagination has soared to new heights with this course! They loved learning about rockets, space architecture, and NASA. The handson activities were especially fun and educational. Highly recommend for young space enthusiasts! Lina T.

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