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Tips to Help Your Child Make the Most of Online Learning

The closure and limited access to schools due to the global pandemic have made the situation really challenging for the parents. Unexpectedly, children were being asked to learn remotely from home. Right now, in the USA most states are dealing with a wide array of approaches to kick-start the new school year. In some states, there’s still a partial closure and districts will make the decision on whether to open school buildings. The state board of education encourages that all schools provide, at a minimum, access to both traditional and remote learning throughout the 2020-21 school year. For many, this has been a new experience as it’s not easy to transform homes into classrooms. The assignments sent through emails and online classes by schools are not enough for effective learning. But there are a few things you can do to help your kids combat their learning loss.

Here are eight tips to prepare your child for Virtual learning at home.

1. Create a customized learning space for your child.

If your child doesn’t have a special and separate learning space at home, then it’s time to create one. It’s very important to have a silent and clutter-free area for your child if you want to help your child learn better in a less distracting environment.

Do you know why is it important to move the clutter away for virtual learning time? Reducing clutter helps kids focus.

2. Make a schedule and stick to it.

It’s always good to follow a routine and have a schedule. Kids are more active and responsive to learning with a set schedule. Kids might never get around and feel interested in finishing their lessons without any set schedule. There should be proper planning, and to make this possible you need to take a look at your family’s schedule and work out the best times for learning.

Have a look at a few questions to help you prepare a schedule:

  • Does your kid need your help to study? If so, think about the time when you or any other adult can provide support.

  • Do you have a middle or high-schooler? If yes, late afternoons and evenings might be a better time when they are awake and ready to learn.

  • Go out and take brain breaks. This can help children focus and perform better.

Once you choose the time frame when your child is most likely to learn and absorb things, fix that time as study time and be persistent with it.

3. Use the calendar as a visual organizer.

Systematic planning always goes a long way. Set up systems to help your child complete school deadlines for lessons and assignments. This will not only help your child stay organized but it’ll keep them engaged as well. Create a colorful calendar, mention dates and mark it with due dates. This whole exercise will help your child finish their work before the due date. You can use different colors to highlight different subjects and activities. For example, use a blue pen for reading and a green pen for math.

8. Enroll your child in an online tutoring program

It’s really challenging to keep kids interested in studies with only a conventional teaching system offered by schools offline or online. It’s important for you to review the other online tutoring programs along with their learning methods and materials. Supplement academic help outside regular school hours to help your kids achieve their learning goals. You may come across many options but pick the one that you think has been designed with your child’s needs in mind. A program that is competent to customize lessons according to your child’s skill and offers a variety of modern learning techniques is surely the one you should go for. A good online tutoring program should be able to provide the following benefits to you:

· Interactivity and innovativeness to keep your child engaged.

· You can plan tutoring sessions around your schedule.

· Customized learning plans based on your child’s current school curriculum and individual needs.

· A good number of subjects and tutors to choose from.

· Extra-curricular digital content and activities.

· Different modern options for advanced learning that can build better and smarter brains.

You can help your children immensely to learn in a much better way by applying all the points mentioned above. If you are finding a modern and reliable tutoring program, get in touch with UpBrainery now!

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