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Future Careers: Build Resiliency

The entire world is lurching from post-pandemic downfall, careers have evolved, lives have changed, and many social institutions had to come up with new plans to make resources. Sadly, along with this uncertainty came personal trauma, loss of loved ones, violent crimes, dealing health, and unemployment.

Though there is no way to eradicate sorrow, distress, or adversity in life yet there are ways to pave a smooth way past the rough oceans. On this boat, you can learn and teach your kids a sense of control and stamina to foster in hard times. Resilience is the only ability that builds a coping mechanism to deal with change, loss, and trauma. Building resilience allows you to adapt better to life-changing events and bounce from uncertainty and hardships toward success.

Building Resilience

Let’s imagine that your kid is flourishing at a subject but due to some emotional distress at home, they are no longer doing well at school. Now both their social life and school life have resulted in chaos.

Resilience isn’t an ingrained quality, it builds on over time and needs maintenance as the situation demands. Our focus is on the future workforce, and how they need to adapt resilience and dominance to succeed in their roles. If we talk about careers 2023, all the careers focus on unique and adverse jobs that demand dedication and resilience.

Building Resilience can also help your Kid to:

  • Manage and accept every emotion that isn't in your comfort zone no matter how positive or negative.

  • Be more open to new experiences or an uncertain future.

  • Stay productive, focused, and flexible in every situation.

  • Strengthen social bonds and enhance communication skills

  • Signify self-esteem.

  • Grow self-confidence in every fallout, eventually, a solution will land.

These skills can be manifested in every age or circumstance. Through these improvements, you will see your kids with brighter and more fruitful outcomes.


We all have different coping mechanisms, in crisis-driven situations, many people fall behind the curtain of denial or ignorance. Well, sadly avoidance is never the solution, if your kid cannot become a pilot then you don't have to force them into that field, help them take on another career. Maybe their strong arms can be used in logistics.

Key Elements that need Acceptance:

  • Accept the situation

  • Accept feelings

  • Reach out to others

  • Prioritize relationships

  • Don’t withdraw in tough times

  • Try to avoid negative people

  • Expand your social network

Invest in Self-care

Humans are adaptable, we can live through extreme weather, famine, destitution, and much more, and still we keep on existing. There is nothing in this world that stops the future workforce from adjusting to the post-pandemic era into space exploration and utopian zones. However, it can be exhausting, to be under stress and it often leads to serious health problems.

As our mind and body are interlined, the way to succession is by prioritizing self-care and self-interest. Teach your kids to explore their skills and bodily demands. Always remember that when your body starts feeling strong and healthy simultaneously will your mind.

Some ways to Increase Self-Care in your kids:

  • Daily Exercising

  • Practice relaxation techniques, such as `mind and body or breathing exercises

  • Get proper sleep

  • Nourish their body with a healthy diet

  • stress management

Look for Meaning and Purpose

A life without any purpose or aim is wasted, your kid can easily drown in the tough routine and hurdles of life and end up forgetting their needs. Due to individual differences, we all have different ways of looking at life, we give meanings based on our experiences. If being a marketer does not reflect your older son`s ambitions then that doesn't mean others cannot succeed. We all have a set of abilities that need to be explored and refined.

Meaningful Explorations for your kids

  • Teach empathy

  • Teach altruism

  • Help in pursuing hobbies and interests.

Stay Motivated!

An important part of coping with differences and crises is by fostering the ability to be more persistent and create endurance to handle criticism. For example, as a writer, every editor won't like your work. You have accepted reality and keep pushing till you cross your boundaries and enter a new world full of possibilities.

Teach your kids that tough times never last forever, but they can take time to eradicate. As you sail the ship on the rough waters, make sure your lighthouse is on.

Some Motivational Strategies to practice at home:

  • Take problems one at a time

  • Celebrate small wins

  • Try to maintain a hopeful outlook

  • Express gratitude

  • Be kind to yourself


In this fast-paced world, life takes up a lot of peace and calm. The future force must start working on these skills from a young age so that when adversity hits them, they know how to cope with it. Through thin and thick, stay motivated, and never let your kids' chin drop as competition gets tough and others take over. It is their race to win, so give them guidance and let them become the next famous space explorer.

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