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Building Brains through Play Education

Updated: May 17, 2021

Play education is essential in building better brains by tapping into parts of the brain that connect learning and fun. We believe if a child is exposed to material they can experiment with, touch, observe and engage cognitive ability, then higher concepts become easier to learn, understand and apply. UpBrainery offers educational BRAIN BINS that blend high-concept, neuroscience-based learning and social-emotional skills with fun.

Our BRAIN BINS have been designed with the help of scientists, subject matter experts, professionals, and teachers. Our team has created modern and sophisticated projects that spark creativity, imagination and increased intelligence for all ages, abilities and interests.

Our BRAIN BINS are engaging while utilizing challenging concepts and vocabulary to enhance knowledge and skills. Have a look at some of the Brain Bins that have been developed by us.

Weather Cactus

Using a simple digital sensor is one thing but displaying that data is another. Learn how to do both with this exciting kit that explores weather through the sensors with microcontroller circuits. Using LED displays you will learn about converting from centigrade to Fahrenheit as well as how humidity is calculated. Best of all - once you are done, you will have your very own desktop version to proudly show off.

Wag the Dog

In this exciting project, we distill robotics down to its essence and learn how to directly control a simple robot. The spot will be remote controlled and even wag its tail in this easy-to-follow starter robot.

Solar Car

A completely self-assembled Solar Car Kit. This reliable and easy-to-build solar car activity covers principles of green energy and the difficulties and advantages inherent in those technologies. Learn about capacity, circuits and other concepts while building your own solar powered car.

Marble Maze

Understand the key concepts of hydraulics such as how and where they are used in everyday life. You'll also learn and see Pascal’s Law in motion by being challenged to build a hydraulic elevator for a model of a labyrinth. You will use their math skills, physics skills, and problem-solving skills.


Explore the fun and science behind making pasta at home. You will also get a 3D Printed pasta roller! From stuffing ravioli to your own Fettucine and sauce this kit is imPASTAble to pass up

Game Over

Learn how to build your own classic arcade basketball board with a digital counter that updates every time you make the basket. In this amazingly exciting kit, you will learn to build with three simple electrical components. Once done, set a timer on your phone and challenge yourself and your friends to a shoot-out. Do you accept the challenge?

We have many other educational and seasonal Brain Bins in our range that you can explore on our website HERE

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