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Web Development

This course has it all! From web page creation, to designing and show casing your first webpage.

5th - 12+

Grade Level: 

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The Ultimate Learning Steal!

Skills You Will Gain

    Web Development
    Creative Design
    Innovation Skills
    Growth Mindset

Learning Outcomes

1. Understand how the Internet, browsers, and the web work.
2. Create and design a functional web page using WordPress.
3. Learn the use dynamic content and features to enhance a web page.
4. Develop skills in logo designing, video creation, and video uploading for a webpage.
5. Gain knowledge of web development tools and techniques.

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Creativity Booster

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving

Career Exploration

Client Reviews

"Upbrainery's summer courses for kids are amazing! My child had a blast while learning valuable skills and knowledge." - Mae T.

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