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Space Ninjas: A kids guide to living in space

This course is designed to get knowledge and understanding about the jobs in space.

Age Group

Grade Level: 

Total Hours


Course Modules

• The Mystery of Money! • An Astronaut! • Tailor Your Own Space Suit! • The Engineers • Engineer For A Day! • The Space Doctors! • Doctor For the Day • The Chemistry of Outer Space • The Work Of An Astrochemist • Astronomy Is Awesome! • The View Of An Astronomer • Astrophysics For All! • I’m an Astrophysicist! • Space Lawyers To The Rescue • Making The Laws of Space

Learning Outcomes

• Be able to know how to manage money • Know who an Astronaut is and what Astronauts do • Know how to make a model space suit • Know how it is related to outer space • Know who are Space Engineers and Aerospace Engineer • Know how to build a model rocket • Know who are Astrochemists • Know how to make a model telescope • Know about Astrophysics as a career • Know what Space Law is and what Space Lawyer are

Course Elements

• Quizzes • Video Quests • Video Scenarios • Hands-on Activities • Downloadables • Videos

Course Overview

Saving, spending, buying, selling, and all about money management. Learn everything from choosing careers, first jobs, and businesses. - But in Space!

This course includes:

7 Hands-On
8 Activities
8 Quizzes

Related careers:

Space Engineer
Aerospace Engineer

Skills you will gain:

Critical thinking skills
Analytical skills
Information handling

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Client Reviews

My child loved this course! They learned so much about space and the different jobs they could have in the future. The handson activities were their favorite part, especially designing their own space suit. Highly recommend! Simon S.

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