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Numbers and Digits

This course is designed to let you give step-by-step information and learning about Finance.

Age Group


Grade Level: 


Total Hours

7.5 Hours

Course Modules

• Value Of Money! • All About Finance • Being A Banker • How To Fill Out A Check? • Be A Smart Shopper • Plan A Family Fun Event • I Am A Saver! • Meeting Financial Goals • Money Makes Us Choose • Being An Auditor • Being An Entrepreneur • We Are Borrowers! • Getting A Loan! • We Are Lenders! • Let's Make Play Money!

Learning Outcomes

• Be able to understand money and its importance • Be able to understand goods and services • Be able to identify the currency of different countries • Be able to understand finance • Be able to understand about deposits and interests • Become a smart shopper • Be able to understand how to spend money smartly • Be able to identify the steps to shop smartly • Be able to understand about budgeting • Be able to identify the difference between long term and short term saving goals • Be able to identify the difference between luxuries and necessities • Be able to understand an Audit • Be able to understand Entrepreneurship • Be able to identify some famous Entrepreneurs

Course Elements

• Hands-on Activities • Quizzes • Downloadables • Video Instructions • Interactives • Concept Checks

Course Overview

Finance is the world of money – earn, spend, save, and invest it. It’s really cool and large. It's complicated, so I'll teach you in little steps. Is buying a house part of finance?

This course includes:

5 Hands-On
10 Activities
10 Quizzes

Related careers:

Finance Officer

Skills you will gain:

Critical thinking
Financial understanding
Money management

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Client Reviews

My child loved learning about money and finance through this course! The handson activities and quizzes were engaging and fun. Patricia D.

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