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Beyond Earth: Exploring Space Careers

This course covers various aspects of space exploration, including the Earth's rotation around the sun, planetary movements, life in space, astronaut activities, fine motor skill development through crafts, identifying planets in the solar system, understanding their positions, recognizing moon phases, and learning facts about space shuttles, the moon, and the Earth.

Age Group


Grade Level: 


Total Hours

7.5 Hours

Course Modules

• Kim is Exploring! • Galaxy– Play & Explore • Living in Space • Astronaut Helmet • Astronaut Paper bag Puppet • I Know the Planets! How About You?? • Torn Paper Planets • Zoom Zoom Zoom Going to the Moon! • Phases of the Moon! • Day and Night Craft • Space Shuttle — Ready to Lift Off • Draw a Spaceship • Make a Model of Earth and Moon • Let’s Play Bingo – Outer Space • If You Had a Birthday Party on Moon

Learning Outcomes

• Be able to describe that the Earth revolves around the sun. • Be able to understand that all of the planets in the solar system revolve around the sun. • Be able to describe life in space. • Be able to explore the activities of an Astronaut. • Be able to strengthen my fine motor skills by making an astronaut helmet craft • Be able to identify the planets in the Earth's solar system • Be able to determine the position of the planets from the sun. • Recognize moon phases in pictures and when viewing the moon • Know facts about space shuttle • Know facts about moon and earth

Course Elements

• Quizzes • Video Quests • Video Scenarios • Hands-on Activities • Downloadables • Videos

Course Overview

Have you ever looked at the night sky and wondered what else was out there? The twinkly lights in the sky are stars and are millions of miles away! They exist in the universe which contains everything and anything! The Earth is part of the universe and so are the sun, moon, and all the planets in the sky! You’ll get to learn more about the universe and everything it contains with our space crafts, activities, stories, songs, and games.

This course includes:

5 Video Quest
15 Total Activities
6 Hands-On
9 Activities
9 Quizzes

Related careers:


Skills you will gain:

Collecting Information
Critical thinking
fine motor skills, shapes,

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Client Reviews

My little astronaut is over the moon with this course! She loves learning about the planets and the activities are so much fun. Thank you, Beyond Earth! Ben T.

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