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Career 2030: Strong Communities, Build Strong Students

We are currently living in the era of Evolution & Innovation. 


The world is ever-changing with technological breakthroughs in e-learning, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. With the race for innovations, our society has overlooked the importance of community-building. 


With a focus on conventional teaching, we have forgotten the experience students get from being outside the classroom.   


In our August’s virtual webinar, we will explore “Learning Outside the Classroom” to add to what you learn inside the classroom. How soft skills have been overshadowed by hard skills that remain relevant to our employment industry. 

UpBrainery has the foresight to train the future generation, with skills needed in 2030 for the jobs of the future.

So join us at our Webinar: Career 2030: Strong Communities Build Strong Students to discover what’s required from educators to build stronger students.


Wed, Aug 24, 2022, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM



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Education Panel

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Tekedra Pierre

The Village School

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Ghazal Qureshi


UpBrainery Technologies

Ayesha Ahmad

Associate Principal 

Wunsche High School


Important Learning Outcomes

Which elements are shaping the change in the healthcare sector

How will healthcare consumerism evolve?

Highly demanded job roles in the future healthcare sector

Highly demanded job roles in the future healthcare sector

How can you prepare your child for future employment opportunities in the medical sector?

The impact of a new business model in the healthcare industry & much more…

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