Summer Camp 2022

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Access 1000+ Courses of Cooking, Academic Prep, STEAM, Study Skills, Information Technology, Logic, Game Design and more.


Our most demanded courses include Languages, Science, Python, Minecraft, Roblox, and Cybersecurity.


June 1 - August 30

#K-12 Grades

Instructor-Led or Digital DIY Courses? You choose.

1000+ Digital Courses and Counting

Sale ends soon. Expand your child's learning potential this Summer with a range of different subjects and topics.

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Does the thought of making drawings scare you? Do you feel like you just can't? Well, now you can! Through the step-by-step guidance and templates.

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Get Coding!

What to learn how to build your own app? We have a course for that. Learn the fundamentals of programming with Python.

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Be An Entrepreneur

Want to learn how all about building your own business? We have a course for that. Business and entrepreneurship classes, workshops, and digital courses

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Cooking Rocks!

Wonder where our food comes from? We have a course for that. Want to learn how to make yummy summer treats.

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Is Science Your Jam?

Wonder how submarine works? We have a course for that. Or how about how sound travels, and many other Wonder Why's

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School Blues

Explore fun and engaging concepts in science, art and culture while learning all about the proper use of the English Language.

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"Summer camps allow for
self-development in the form of confidence is built, which has also been proven by studies that 70% of parents have agreed that their child gained confidence when being at summer camp."

 Why Your Child Should Join Our Summer Camp

Personal Growth, Learning, and Development

Actively involving children in exploring their self-interests, character building, personal development.
Your child gets to dive into new skills-set and indulge in immersive courses of their own choice such as coding, game designing, digital currency, information technology

Commitment and Independence

Your child will learn the true essence of being committed to a program that truly allows them to feel empowered about time management & decision-making skills.

Eliminating Screen Time and Engaging in Movement

For a short period, they might have missed playing on their electronic devices, but the memories they would have made at the summer camp would be worth it

Learning Disguised as Fun

Our Summer camp heavily focuses on providing your child a good time during their experience yet equipping them with the right skills for their current academic prep and future skills for careers 2030.

Socialization and New Friendships

As individuals, when we get to know others in our shared-event, we develop vital life skills, such as decision making, dealing with relationships, setting limitations, and problem solving.

Your children can explore our social and emotional learning courses that cover these aspects.

Getting Ahead

Your child will be ready for the upcoming school year overcoming the summer "brain drain". Our "School Readiness" courses will also teach your child on how to stay focus and study efficiently.