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Vertical Farming Solution

In this course, you will understand the problems of scarcity of fresh produce in different countries and develop a conceptual understanding of the initiatives to solve the issue.

Age Group


Grade Level: 

High School

Total Hours

5 hours

Course Modules

• Case Study: How Zimbabwe tackled drought! • Challenge- I • Challenge- II • Challenge- III • Challenge- IV

Learning Outcomes

• Understanding the infrastructure crisis in Zimbabwe and its impact on agriculture. • Recognizing the agricultural crisis in Sudan and its challenges. • Exploring the agricultural production issues in Haiti. • Understanding the importance of finding solutions to agricultural challenges. • Learning about the local approach to addressing agricultural problems. • Discovering the initiatives taken by the UAE in the field of vertical farming.

Course Elements

• Deliverables • Presentation • Assignment • Video Quest • Downloadable

Course Overview

In this digital internship, you will be encouraged to conduct research on food, hunger, and sustainability-related scenarios and create your own prototypes to tackle the specified problem.

This course includes:

1 Deliverables
1 Presentation
1 Assignment
2 Video Quest
2 Downloadable

Related careers:

Vertical Farming Specialist
Sustainable Agriculture Consultant
Agricultural Solutions Engineer

Skills you will gain:

Verbal communication skills
Analytical thinking skills
Complex problem-solving skills
Project making skills
Conceptual skills
Critical thinking

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Client Reviews

Engaging and comprehensive course on vertical farming! Highly recommended. Sarah Thompson

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