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Understanding Natural
Resources and

This course is designed for the explanation and learning of biotechnology

Age Group


Grade Level: 

High School

Total Hours

Course Modules

• Renewable & non• renewable resources • Ecological balance • Biotechnology • Genetic Engineering • Genetic Engineering • How biotechnology is used in food and agriculture • How biotechnology is used in food and agriculture (b) • Colors of Biotechnology • Biological tools being used • Understanding of DNA • Positive aspects of biotechnology • Negative aspects of biotechnology • Environmental impact of Agriculture • Climate change • Deforestation • Monoclonal antibody production • Nanotechnology • The Significance of Biotechnology in Forensics • The Significance of Biotechnology in Genetic Testing. • The Significance of Biotechnology in Pharmaceutical Development • The significance of Biotechnology in Agriculture • Curing Diseases • Health and Safety • Bioprocessing • Bioprocessing (B) • TRENDS IN BIOTECH • How Biotechnology Makes Use of Biochemistry • Lactose as an example • B • Bioethics in the field of Biotechnology • Biotechnology in Solving Environmental Problems • Bioremediation • A • Bioremediation • B *Oil Spill Clean Up • DNA cloning | Gene cloning Uses of DNA cloning • Maths can save the world. • Biotechnology and other sciences. • Eleven Technical Skills in Biotechnology • A • Criticism of Biotechnology • Careers in the field of biotechnology • Fingerprints: Inherited? •

Learning Outcomes

• Be able to Learn about the Biotechnology • Be able to Learn about the Nanotechnology • Be able to Learn about the Agriculture • Be able to Learn about Environmental changes and climate changes • Be able to Learn about the DNA in detail • Be able to Learn about the Biochemistry


• You don't require any additional context or prior knowledge.

Course Elements

• Quizzes • Video Quests • Video Scenarios • Hands-on Activities • Downloadables • Videos

Course Overview

Learn about Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Agriculture, Biochemistry, DNA in Detail, and Envionrmental changes & Climate changes.

This course includes:

Related careers:

Genetic Engineering

Skills you will gain:

Analytical skills
Learning skills

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Client Reviews

My class students will be able to learn a lot from this course as they will get proper knowledge about the biotechnology and natural resources -Jack

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