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Production Management:

This course is designed for the learning and explanation of the production management

Age Group


Grade Level: 

High School

Total Hours

Course Modules

• Introduction Of Film Making Process • Stage No 1 "Development" • Stage No 2 "Pre• Production" • Importance Of Pre• Production • Stage No 3 "Production" • Importance Of Production • Stage No 4 "Post• Production • Why Do We Need Post• Production • Stage No 5 "Distribution" • Elements Of Filmmaking Process • Different Film Genres • Film Crew Positions • Film Styles • Components Of A Good Story • Famous Movie Examples • Lighting Techniques In Filmmaking • Behind The Scenes • Budgeting • Filmmaking Research • Call Sheets • Props • Makeup And Special Effects • Costumes • Set • Talent • Equipment • Filming Location • Studio

Learning Outcomes

• Be able to Learn about the film making process • Be able to Learn about the film making development • Be able to Learn about the film making production • Be able to Learn about the film making elements • Be able to Learn about the film making researching

Course Elements

• Quizzes • Video Quests • Video Scenarios • Hands-on Activities • Downloadables • Videos

Course Overview

In this course, we will gain an understanding of Production management as it concentrates on accomplishing a steady production process with profitable planning and management of business procedures. We will also achieve knowledge of why production management is essential, and how we can make it function for our professions.

This course includes:

In the pipeline

Related careers:

Film Maker

Skills you will gain:

Screen Writing
cinamatics tools usage

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Client Reviews

My class students learnt a lot from this course as it helped them understand the production management - Alex

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