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This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the public relations role in organizations and society.

Age Group

11 - 14

Grade Level: 

Middle School

Total Hours

15 hours

Course Modules

• Publicity is Tricky • We are on a budget! (HO) • It’s Hard to Separate PR • Public Matters • I am Lobbying!

Learning Outcomes

• Understand the role and responsibilities of a publicist. • Identify the essential skills required to be a successful publicist. • Explain the qualifications and requirements to pursue a career in public relations. • Describe the work environment of a publicist and the challenges they may face. • Discuss the salary range and potential career growth opportunities in the field of public relations. • Recognize the importance of building relationships with journalists and media professionals in generating publicity.

Course Elements

• Quizzes • Video Quests • Video Scenarios • Hands-on Activities • Downloadables • Videos

Course Overview

Do you ever wonder who deals with delivering information from an organization or public figure to a specific audience? Public relation is the field for people who hate boring 9 to 5 jobs and dig a more fast-paced and energetic environment.

This course includes:

4 Quizzes
5 Video Quests
4 Video Scenarios
5 Hands-on Activities
3 Downloadables

Related careers:

Public Relations Manager
Media Relations Specialist
Communications Coordinator

Skills you will gain:

Thinking skills
Cognitive skills
Observation skills

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Client Reviews

My daughter absolutely loved the PR course! She found it incredibly engaging and informative. The handson activities were her favorite part, and she learned so much from them. She's now considering a career in public relations and can't wait to see where this course takes her. Highly recommend! Clara D.

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