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Making and Creating

This course is designed to learn and understand about the various manufacturing careers around us.

Age Group


Grade Level: 


Total Hours

7.5 Hours

Course Modules

• Let’s Know About Manufacturing • Who Are Manufacturers • Let’s Make Hand Drum • Equipment Repairers • Can You Fix It? • Product Cycle • Makers • Cloth Maker • Automotive Mechanic • Bakers • Let’s Make Clay Cookies • Candy Stores • Peeps Play Dough • Shoemaker • Cardboard Sandals

Learning Outcomes

• Be able to define what manufacturing is • Be able to define the processes of manufacturing • Be able to tell about the Equipment Repairers • Be able to tell about the duties and responsibilities of Equipment Repairers • Be able to tell about the Product Cycle • Be able to tell about who are Makers • Be able to tell about the Cloth Maker • Be able to tell about the Auto Mechanic

Course Elements

• Hands-on Activities • Quizzes • Video Instructions • Interactives • Concept Checks • Reflections

Course Overview

In this module we go through the makers of all the things that we see around us. How they perform different tasks and what skills they need to have for that particular manufacturing work. Let’s dive deeper into the Makers and their day-to-day work and skills required. This will help you to learn to be one of them.

This course includes:

6 Hands-On
9 Activities
9 Quizzes

Related careers:

Automotive Mechanic
Cloth maker
Shoe maker

Skills you will gain:

Critical thinking

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Client Reviews

Kid loved it! Got to make drum & cookies, learned cool jobs like cloth maker & mechanic. Highly recommend for budding creators. Taylor L.

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