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Gears in Motion

What do you think, have machines been around forever? How, do you think, did these new machines and equipment suddenly appear? Someone creates them around us, right? But who? Let’s take a look and figure out the answers to these questions.

Age Group

11 - 14

Grade Level: 

Middle School

Total Hours

15 hours

Course Modules

• Manufacturing • History of Manufacturing • Safety Engineer • CAD And CAM • Steps of Manufacturing a Machine • Design a Machine • Lean Manufacturing • Manufacturing Engineer Role in Different Fields • Disciplines of Manufacturing Engineering • Rubber Band• Powered Car • DIY• Robot Hand Using Drinking Straws • Simple Machines • Pulley Simple Machine • Roller Coaster with Straws • Marshmallow Catapult

Learning Outcomes

• Understand the basic principles and processes involved in manufacturing. • Identify the different types of machines and manufacturing equipment used in various industries. • Explain the historical development and advancements in manufacturing technology. • Demonstrate knowledge of safety engineering practices and the importance of personal protective equipment. • Gain familiarity with CAD (Computer• Aided Design) and CAM (Computer• Aided Manufacturing) software and their applications in product design and manufacturing. • Learn about the steps involved in the manufacturing process, from idea generation to quality checking.

Course Elements

• Quizzes • Video Quests • Video Scenarios • Hands-on Activities • Downloadables • Videos

Course Overview

Do you know how we moved from simple machines to complex ones and how manufacturing plays a role in this journey? Let's find out more about the history of manufacturing and its role in the future.

This course includes:

4 Quizzes
5 Video Quests
4 Video Scenarios
5 Hands-on Activities
3 Downloadables

Related careers:

Manufacturing Engineer
Process Engineer
Industrial Designer

Skills you will gain:

Thinking skills
Cognitive skills
Observation skills

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Client Reviews

My son loved learning about the history of manufacturing and the different types of machines used in various industries. The handson activities were a hit and he enjoyed making a rubber bandpowered car and a DIY robot hand using drinking straws. Highly recommend this course! Maria S.

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