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Faces of Wellness Careers

This course is designed for the understanding and learning of wellness careers

Age Group


Grade Level: 

High School

Total Hours

Course Modules

• Difference between Health and Wellness • Career Specific to the wellness industry • Career as a Health Coach • Career as an Occupational Therapist • Career as a Personal Trainer • Additional Education Options • Career as a Physiotherapist • Career as a Clinical Nutritionist • Career as a Chiropractor • Career as a Reiki Master • Career as a Speech• Language Pathologist • Career as a Paramedics • Career as a Naturopath • Career as an Acupuncturist • Career as an Osteopath • A career in Pharmacy. • Career as a Podiatrist • All about RadiationTherapistt • Career as an Occupational Therapist • Career as a Social Worker • Career as an MRITechnologists • What is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist? • Career as a Dental Hygienist • Biomedical Engineer as a Career

Learning Outcomes

• Learn about the duties of a Biomedical Engineer. • Learn about the duties of a Dental hygienist • Learn how to Become a Dental Hygienist • Learn about duties of Nuclear Medicine Technologist • Learn about duties of MRI Technologist • Learn about duties of social worker • Learn about the PIE Theory • Learn about duties of radiation therapists • Learn about work environment and scope of practice • Learn about Podiatrist working conditions • Learn about Belief of Osteopathic medicines and thier growing demands • Learn about Occasional therapists in depth. • Learn about health coaches in depth.

Course Elements

• Quizzes • Video Quests • Video Scenarios • Hands-on Activities • Downloadables • Videos

Course Overview

This course unfolds the opportunities that are there in wellness careers. From nutritionists to physiotherapists, chiropractors & Sports trainers, etc How is the medical and para-medical field for wellness & fitness careers

This course includes:

In the pipeline

Related careers:

Personal Trainer
Medical related careers

Skills you will gain:

Listening and speaking

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Client Reviews

My class students learnt a lot from this course as it helped them understand
the health and wellness - Amelia.E

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