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Audience Targeting

This course is designed to learn about the audience targetting

Age Group


Grade Level: 

High School

Total Hours

Course Modules

• Audience Targeting • Advertising Tactics • Social media Platforms • STP Model • Communication with Target Audience • Socio• Economic Class • Color Psychology • Endorsements • Psychology of Target Audience • Role of Packaging • Influencers • A Guide For Influencers Marketing For Your Target Audience. • Behavioral Marketing • Segmentation • Demographics • Geographics • Strategies of Audience Targeting • Message • Positioning your Brand • Differentiation • Repositioning • Retargeting Audience • Strategies of Consumer Attitude Change • Consumer Attitude • Consumer trends for Targeting • Consumer Decision Making • Consumer Purchasing Behavior • Audience Learning • Audience Behavioral Learning Theories • Audience Reinforcement • Audience Behavior • Audience Targeting Concepts • Audience Motivational Research • Ways of Young Target Audience Shop Online • Audience Research Paradigms • Audience Research Process • Audience Research Collection Designs • Motivating Audience

Learning Outcomes

• Be able to Learn about the targeting • Be able to Learn about the various models of audience targetting • Be able to Learn about the strategies Behind target audience • Be able to Learn about the Geographics • Be able to Learn about the Demographics • Be able to Learn about the positioning the brand • Be able to Learn about the retargetting audience

Course Elements

• Quizzes • Video Quests • Video Scenarios • Hands-on Activities • Downloadables • Videos

Course Overview

We will be focusing on all the terms of targeting audience, how to do our market research and audience targetting

This course includes:

In the pipeline

Related careers:

Social media manager

Skills you will gain:

Technical Skills
Creative Thinking

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Client Reviews

My class students learnt a lot from this course as it helped them understand the target audience - Lyella-Y

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