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Score an Internship

For every middle high school and college student, internships are an integral part of connecting the real world learning with the classroom academics.

However, before you can land your first internship, there are key things that you need to know:

  • How to present yourself and what you bring to the company as an intern

  • Create a compelling Resume

  • How to build a "professional' Social Media presence

  • How to go through the interview process

  • and much more...


These 5 courses in this Pre-Internship pathway will walk you through an immersive and interactive experience on how to Build you own Brand and have an amazing Internship experience.


Get Ahead

Sale ends soon. Expand your learning potential this Summer with a range of different topics to get you ahead to landing your dream internship in the summer or during the school year.

Perfect for Middle, High School and College Students

All 5 courses for just $99


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Resume Building Skills

Landing the perfect job can be a challenge! There are important skills that you need to develop even before you begin applying for jobs. Building a resume is independent practice. It is imperative that the resume reflects all your good qualities so the interviewer wants to give you a chance and sees you fit for their company.

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Best Footfoward

Preparing for your job interview could very well be one of the most important moments of your career. Landing the perfect job can be a challenge, but with the determination and passion you will need to begin a successful career, you can easily overcome this challenge, and bring a lot of valuable experience with you to the next interview if you don't get the job. 

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Your Personal Brand

Social media is no longer a new concept, with social media platforms dominating how many communicate. It would be unrealistic to expect that professionals would not become involved in the use of social media for professional reasons, as well as professionals using social media platforms privately. 

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Communication is one of the first few things we learn in our life. We communicate and deliver our thoughts by sign language or speaking but these are not the ways to communicate. Do you know how to communicate without them? Let's build the proficiency needed to succeed in today’s technologically enhanced workplace by focusing on the development of professional, oral, and written communication skills.

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Workplace Ethic

A corporation’s most valuable asset is its reputation for ethical conduct. Organizations expect each and every employee, no matter the job title, to be vigilant in protecting the reputation of their company or organization. An institution in good standing has earned that status through the efforts and solid values of generations of owners, presidents, and employees.

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