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UpBrainery To Host the EdTech Panel at The Houston Tech Rodeo Event #Classroom2030

On this day of love, for the love of our future and its torch bearers, we are announcing the Houston Tech Rodeo - Classroom2030(™) EdTech Event on 2nd March, 2022.

Come visit the Classroom 2030 and participate in a transformational session where you

will walk away with skills, strategies and tools to implement CASEL aligned SEL content in

your classroom or assign as DIY to your students.

A gathering which will leave you thinking about the ways and methods that we have been using in our quest to educate our children. We believe that with the evolution of times, our teaching methods should change too. We need to speak in the language of our children. And hence, this event will not only hold the essence of social and emotional learning with academic learning (SEL and CASEL) but will also provide you with the ingredients of our magic potion that promises to target all children and their learning needs.

We will talk of technology, the need and advancement of it, and also artificial intelligence and machine learning which make a power trio together. Let's re-imagine what classrooms should be like, what they need and most importantly how the human and technological innovations need to be incorporated into the modern classroom.

Let’s have an open discussion about stress and fatigue, use of just one method of teaching (reading/writing) and expecting every child to excel, and not letting children learn collectively (separate spaces for children who are more inclined towards kinesthetic learning etc).

Our participants will leave this event with tools and methods that can be implemented in classrooms, free Brainlab Software for a year and much more!

Join us in Houston at Cannon - Cannon - West 1334 Brittmoore Rd

Our schedule includes: Education in 2030 and Roundtable - 9 - 10:45

Classroom2030(™) Exhibit and Walkthrough: 11 - 12

Classroom2030(™) Exhibit and Walkthrough: 3 - 4

Professional Development Training. 4 - 5:30

Happy Hour 5:30 - 7

If you are unable to join us in Houston and don’t want to miss the event, just send a message to our customercare at and get a free access pass.

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