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Unleash Your Child’s Creativity & Potential This Summer!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Summer is around the corner! I am sure, once when you were a student you must have fondly waited for the vacations to begin so that you could enjoy every bit of the holidays. However, now as parents, some of you might be dreading it since the endless complaints about kids “getting bored” would be annoying.

However, there is a solution in the form of SUMMER CAMPS! Although each child is different on his own, summer camps are mostly beneficial for everyone.


Lets see some of the top benefits of enrolling your child in the summer camps & summer programs:

Socialization and New Friendships:

A summer camp environment is the ideal place for kids to get socially involved and make new friends. When individuals get to know others, they develop vital life skills, such as decision making, dealing with relationships, setting limitations, problem solving etc.

There are many programs and digital courses available to get children enrolled which help in developing their emotional and social well-being. Here at UpBrainery we provide such courses, also known as the SEL program, which is solely designed for children to develop their cognitive,emotional and social abilities.

Eliminating Screen Time and Engaging in Movement:

The world of technology has made everyone highly inactive. According to the world health organization(WHO), an inactive lifestyle is a leading reason for an increase in heart diseases, obesity, and high blood pressure.

To reduce screen time and become physically active, summer camp is the best solution.

Therefore, opt for those camps or programs which offer outdoor physical activities.

Personal Growth, Learning, and Development:

There are ample summer camps or summer programs out there that actively involve children in exploring their self-interests, character building, personal development, etc.

These children can learn creative things and can discover activities that interest them the most such as cooking, arts and crafts, sports activities, programming and coding, and the list can go on.

We at UpBrainery have 1000+ courses available to suit individual interests and needs so that they can enroll and explore whether they enjoyed learning or not.

Also, the concept of Brain Bin developed at UpBrainery helps children to challenge their mental capability and develop new concepts. Brain Bin are curated and specialized so that every individual can learn and enjoy at their own pace and interest

Summer camps are also the reason where self-development in the form of confidence is built, which has also been proven by studies that 70% of parents have agreed that their child gained confidence when being at summer camp.

Positive Role Models:

One of the most significant benefits of summer camp is interacting with others. When children do that, especially with their mentors, they develop a sense of community and boost confidence. They learn from their experiences and take advice from them which they don't tend to take from their own parents, as they perceive these mentors as their role models.

At UpBrainery the concept of immersive learning is developed and implemented through live, virtual classes where the individual is directly in contact with his/her mentor. It gives them the opportunity to learn personally from them.

Making Memories:

For a short period, they might have missed playing on their electronic devices, but the memories they would have made at the summer camp would be worth it.

If your child is not able to join a summer camp for any reason, no problem! We at UpBrainery have all sorts of exciting summer courses available, which will not only help in the learning part but also will develop a sense of purpose and creativity.

The charges for DIY courses are around $10* and teacher-led courses are for $25*.

Also, we are offering an early bird discount for registration done till the first week of April. For more details regarding summer courses, visit the Upbrainery website.

*These prices are subject to change, beginning from April 2022.

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