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The Science Behind Games

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

After a tiresome break due to the pandemic, the sports world came back with a bang. When Olympics’ 2022 was announced, the hope of coming back to living our lives normally was doubled.

Though the safety measures are being taken very seriously, at least there is engagement around these games bringing excitement and fun to the crowd. It is a pleasure having to sit down with the family, watch and enjoy healthy activities, learn about each others' interests and have open discussions.

Watching the athletes perform becomes more interesting once your curiosity kicks in about the science behind the players' movements and calculations. Remember how we were made to believe it’s all luck and practice?

Well, it is that but also the right kind of practice, the right estimation, and the timed decision-making skills.

Take spinning for example. We have all played games or have unknowingly done something that involved spinning. Be it going round and round on a chair, doing ballet, gymnastics, or some cycling stunts. It’s funny and makes us dizzy when it is done out of humor and pretty intense or applause-worthy when it is done as a move in front of the public.

There is stillness, motion, and then you get back to the original state and maintain your balance. It is all physics.

If we had taken the same concept and had mentioned it in terms of motion, linear and angular momentum, and Newton’s law, most of you would have stopped reading after the first paragraph.

Now imagine how we do the same with our children! Before developing their interest, we kill it by making things sound too complicated, sticking to the same teaching methods, and not providing enough motivation to learn. Because it gets too much for their naive minds, they don’t give such subjects or concepts a try and shift their focus elsewhere.

Upbrainery is built on the idea of teaching kids in a way that retains their attention, builds interest, makes them think and question, and trains them in skills and subjects like never before. Hence, we launch courses every month that are not only relevant to what is happening around in the world but also relevant to your child’s age group.

We offer DIY-based courses and engaging activities that they can do alone, and ones that require parental guidance too. This is essential because it develops their emotional and communal well being. And because we are very particular about inclusion, we offer both free and paid courses.

Make your child learn the Science courses . They will not only learn new terms and their meanings but get involved in creative activities that would remind you of your childhood too!

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We have over a 1,000+ Instructor Led Summer Courses and Camps and Digital Do it at Your Own Pace Courses where we provide thought provoking activities, engaging content, appreciation of asking the right questions to spark that natural curiosity.

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