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The Role of Employers in Educating the Children of Employees

Updated: May 17, 2021

Schools have been started in some of the states, but in most of the places, at a minimum, schools are providing access to both traditional and remote learning throughout the 2020-21 school year. Hence, for most of America, the schoolroom is your kitchen.

Right now, parents are trapped in a really difficult situation, they are challenged with assisting their kids’ immediate needs while also realizing that their future is dependent on their sustained employment.

Employers should consider all the insecurities of their employees and should set up programs to support working parents with their kids’ education.

Added Employee Benefit

There is already a set practice for organizations providing parental benefits, like bonuses or scholarships for kids. Likewise, many companies already offer childcare within the premises.

Why not secure those funds by setting up a partnership based virtual learning support program?

It’s true that most school districts are providing students with remote learning and structured lessons, but there is a huge learning gap and lots of information slip through the cracks.

Companies can get in touch with online tutoring service providers to offer discounts to their employees. Brands like Bank of America, Microsoft, and Accenture have already begun providing pod learning — small-group, part-time, school-day supervision” at a heavily subsidized discounted price. These types of benefits for home learning-support can really motivate employees as well as give them a sigh of relief.

Alternatively, rather than paying each family a remuneration for the educational purposes of their kids, companies can partner with other tutoring services and set up learning aids based on grade level and offer online lesson plans.

Branded Community Outreach

Employers may consider the sponsored branded community outreach as an expensive idea but if they look at their employees as an asset for growth and prosperity, the cost becomes an easy pill to swallow.

Other than that companies can expand their horizon and reach those people in the community who cannot afford and access the educational opportunities. This can help them to perform youth education outreach (especially in disadvantaged areas), which is important now more than ever.

How UpBrainery can help?

We can help companies virtually leverage their resources to do good for their employees and community in the form of added employee benefits and branded community outreach. Either way, such learning opportunities can save companies’ money on childcare stipends and provide opportunities for children to actually learn and interact with their instructors and peers virtually. Seems like a win-win, right?

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