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The Future of Work - Skills of 2030

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

The world is evolving at a very fast pace. New discoveries and innovations are changing the dimension of the job sector.

Break-through and cutting edge technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality and virtual reality have made people realize that they need to upskill and reskill themselves in order to survive in the job market.

A recent study by a labor economist has shown that “one more robot per thousand workers reduces the employment-to population ratio by about 0.18-0.34% points and wages by 0.25-0.5”.

Therefore, in order to compete in the market, one should get equipped with the necessary skills and cognitive mindset.

The jobs of 2030 would be in a very different phase of advancement; those people would be highly demanded who are not only socially and emotionally skilled but also have the cognitive and critical thinking abilities.

Soft Skills

Many people think that “soft skills” are somehow less important than hard skills. After all, it’s easy to measure someone’s ability to do a job by looking at their IQ or their mastery of specific technical skills. But what about the other qualities that make someone successful in life? What about the personal characteristics and interpersonal skills?

In the ever-changing and competitive job market, it’s more important than ever to have what are called “soft skills.” These are personal qualities that help you succeed in your career, such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. They’re not always easy to quantify or measure, but they’re essential for getting ahead.

Employers are looking for candidates who can not only do the job but also work well with others and communicate effectively. That’s why having soft skills is so important – they give you an edge over the competition. And unlike hard skills (like specific knowledge or technical abilities), soft skills can be learned relatively easily.

Soft skills that will become prominent in 2030

The 5 C’s

Critical thinking: Although Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are proficient in extracting insights and plucking important data from large sets of data, it's the humans who are able to analyze which information is important to use and which is not.

Communication: Improved communication skill across the firm is an important element for the future success of the business. Good communication skills not only motivates the employees but also help in process the work in a much quicker, efficient and effective way, Since remote working is now becoming very common over the number of years, the use of video conferencing, presentations, recorded talks, podcasts, webinar etc.

Collaboration: It is one of the essential interpersonal skills. In today's world where people prefer to work remotely and the team is geographically dispersed across the globe, collaboration tools should be used efficiently and proactively.

Creativity: As far as creativity is concerned, even cutting-edge technology cannot take the place of human mind and innovation. So as long as you think outside the box, you are good to go.

Contextualized intelligence (CI): By the year 2030, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become more and more efficient. How will we not be able to replace human intuitions, judgement and empathy?

Therefore, when algorithms will produce more results, contextualized intelligence will be very essential to use.

Cognitive flexibility (CF): Is known as a task switch and so when someone is flexible enough to change and get adjusted to a new task, place, plans etc.

This is only a human trait and cannot be replaced by any kind of cutting-edge technology.

Leadership skills: This is a very prominent human trait to be successful. Again leadership qualities are possessed only by humans and no world class machine can replace it .

What Would Cognitive Critical Thinking Be Like In The Future?

According to World Economic Forum people will have higher cognitive ability which would include:

  • Advance Literacy: It refers to the skills and competence that enables communication in an increasingly diverse way. It also promotes understanding and the use of text for a variety of purposes.

Therefore, in today’s academic and professional world each individual needs to

have advanced literacy skill sets so that they can be successful in the knowledge -based society and the economy.

  • Complex Information Processing: Is the understanding of how individuals solve complex tasks.

According to a World Economic Forum article titled “The 3 Skill Sets For The Worker Of 2030” states that high cognitive thinking would be on the rise and one of the most important elements would be complex Information Processing for the Job of 2030.

Hence, for this reason universities of today should adapt these transitions without compromising on the integral aspects of core teaching-learning and development of children for a better tomorrow.

How Social and Emotional Intelligence Will Be Important for Careers’ 2030?

Individuals would need to behave in an empathetic way in order to survive in the future job market.

According to a World Economic Forum article titled “The 3 Skill Sets For The Worker Of 2030” also states that the main skill sets under the social and emotional behavior that people need to learn and exercise are advance communication and negotiation, empathy, to manage others and to learn adaptable and the ability to learn continuously.

These skills will be more prominently practiced in the field of business development, programming, emergency response and counseling.

Also, social and emotional intelligence are something which can not be replaced by any kind of

cutting-edge technology, its purely a human trait.

Other Skill Sets Required For Careers’ 2030

Digital Literacy And Computational Thinking:

As the world continues to rely on cutting edge technologies, one should also be highly digital skilled in order to compete in the industry. The SMAC (SOCIAL, MOBILE, ANALYTICS AND CLOUD) is something which will operate the IT world on a larger scale.

Mostly the digital world will be optimized by Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality.

Artificial Intelligence is the capability of a robot that is managed or controlled by a computer to do tasks that are carried out by humans, such as analyzing and making decisions.

Whereas, Augmented Reality is the experience of a real-world where the objects belonging to the real world are enhanced by the computer.

Machine Learning is a part of artificial intelligence that allows computers to act without being explicitly programmed.

The business research company has stated in their article that “the global augmented reality in training and education market size is expected to grow from $6.27 billion in 2021 to $10.37 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 65.4%.”

According to the report published in Statista, “the global Artificial Intelligence market is projected to grow rapidly in the future years, reaching around $126 billion by 2025”.

Creative and Innovative Mindset

Despite a report published in World Economic Forum 2018 claiming that robots will

take over all the jobs, still individuals will be on top of their game if they maintain their creative skills and innovative mindset.

Skills like social intelligence, natural creativity and talent cannot be taken by the robots Easily, therefore you are good to go if you until you think out of the box.

Therefore, to prepare your kid for tomorrow, teach them today the skills needed for careers in 2030. For this very reason, UpBrainery Technology has a lot of lessons and/or courses regarding advanced engineering, design thinking, algorithm, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. data science, culinary science, social and emotional learning (SEL) and much, much more…

Also here at UpBrainery, we have introduced a program known as Social and Emotional Skills(SEL). It is a detailed program that teaches children about self and social awareness, self management, relationship skills, and decision-making skills which cannot be replaced by any top notch automated robots. Social and Emotional lessons will help them to foster a positive outlook in every walk of life and to survive in the future job market.

Enroll your kids now for a better Career 2030 in various courses/lessons of interest taught by immersive based models with the help of machine learning, virtual reality augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.

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Happy Learning!

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