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Online Home Tutoring Vs Traditional Teaching

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

For many parents out there, it's quite daunting to fathom the concept of online tutoring. They think that providing their kid with homeschooling or online tutoring will be considered less attractive and it can not replace the experience of the traditional classroom method.

However, the popularity of online tutoring across the world has immensely increased, especially after the lockdown due to pandemic and schools being shut down.

According to the article published in toppr bytes currently, 2 million children are learning through homeschooling and the growth rate is around 7 to 15 percent.

But first let’s see what online tutoring really is?

Online Tutoring is a form of teaching , mostly on a one-on -one basis over the internet. For online tutoring, real-person must be involved, no matter how much advanced technology is being used in teaching the kids.

According to an article published and updated on 2022 in Zippia, that currently, in America there are 227,202 online tutors present from which 65.9% are women and 34.1% are men.

How does online tutoring work?

Technological advancement has changed the entire landscape of the educational industry, so how online tutoring works depends from platform to platform, except one thing is common, which is the presence of the internet for both student and teacher.

Some of the most common platforms used are Zoom or Skype chat rooms with webcam access so that both teacher and student can see each other's work and can interact face to face.

Or some places might also use be-spoken classroom methods, such as via Google Classroom space where the teacher is able to teach through a worked-out planned lesson, often using a built-in functionality similar to a whiteboard.

The other option could be the screen sharing approach, where the teacher would be controlling it for the student to follow and interact through a message or voice function option.

The Benefits of Online Tutoring For Students:

Much More Convenient:

In this fast-paced and busy world, parents often have to juggle a lot of errands at a time. Taking children from home to the tuition center is an additional task for them, so in the case of online tutoring, parents don't have to worry about taking their kids to other places for tuition as it will save a lot of time.

You Can Get Access To A Range Of Best Tutors Online:

It's a challenge and sometimes trial and error to get the most suitable tutor for your child, through online tutoring, the hard work is done for you. With the screening and selection method or process, you will tend to get access to the top qualified tutors online.

Therefore, you don't have to worry about the quality of education your child is getting.

Online Tutoring Is Highly Interactive:

Yes, that's right! Online tutoring is highly engaging as more and more advanced technology is coming in. Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality to Machine learning has taken a child's teacher interaction level to a much different level.

Happy and Safe Environment:

Bullying, peer pressure, and many other challenges have created life difficult for kids in the outer world.

Online tutoring can give them the advantage of studying and learning from the safe confines of their home.

Tailored Lessons:

Every child has their own ability to learn and understand. Hence, online tutoring allows them to learn at their own pace and work on their weak areas.

Therefore, tutors customize lesson plans according to the child's interests and abilities.

However, every situation does have its own set of drawbacks as well.

Let's dive in and see what disadvantages are stored in Online Tutoring.

The Drawbacks of Online Tutoring:

Less Socially Active:

Getting lessons online from the confines of their home can result in no time for being socially active. This can create frustration among children.

Low Confidence Level:

Children not being in an interactive environment, won't develop self-confidence. Which later in the long run can create problems for them.

Yes, there are drawbacks to getting online tutors however, if solutions like in their spare time enrolling your child in community-led activities or pushing them to volunteer in their nearby schools, hospitals, or educational institutions, where they are exposed to mingle with a lot of other people of same age group can help in building not only their confidence level but also socially active.

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