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Math Should Be For All! Is Math Education Racist?

With the rising debates around us, it is quite evident that low-income groups and students of color are suffering from obtaining good-quality math education. As Yahoo News reports, Algebra lasses taught by Nadina Ebre are highly engaging, interactive and successful, nothing like the ones you have taken in school.

Students practice equations through singing, dancing and drawing - her teaching methods revolve around engaging children in play education to escalate their success. Ebre is a math teacher and a tech specialist for Duval Country Schools, Florida. She is using advanced techniques designed to promote equity among education and races. "If kids of color, girls and low-income students engage, they have the potential to pursue high-income level math classes".

According to the national test scores, several low-income students and kids of color aren't performing well in math for a long time now. This will translate to a bigger divide in the future, in lucrative STEM fields - science, technology, engineering and math - where 70% of workers are white and 65% are male, according to a survey by the American Enterprise Institute.

Ebri evolved her teaching habits during the pandemic, spending more time in connecting with her students' interests to math activities, which helped build their confidence as well. Similarly, UpBrainery's education model, alongside our SEL content/material that can be availed by teachers to conduct their sessions. As discussed earlier, it is imperative for teachers and instructors to adapt to the changing landscape of education, by using educational models that suit their K-12 students.

About UpBrainery

UpBrainery has collaborated with doctors, scientists, engineers, educators, professionals, parents and students utilizing neuro-science based research to provide unique and innovative educational opportunities. We are committed to Building Better Brains through advanced technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning through our hands-on educational Brain Bins, creative digital content, virtual tutoring program and exclusive online curriculum (with guided pathways and clusters).

Our purpose is to keep technology at the forefront of the educational foundation and make technological innovations important attributes of our education model and curriculum. We make learning fun, personalized and engaging.

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