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How Remote Learning Can Work Long Term

Updated: May 19, 2021

Since March 2020 there has been a shift in what education looks like. It varies from state to state and even city to city. How long does this “new normal” of remote learning just become the norm? Just like anything new in technology or systems there is always the discovery and learning phase followed by retooling and eventually consistent sustainable improvement.

We’re still discovering how best to adapt to remote learning. The process seems slow but there is research and progress gains to be proud of. If anything, we’re learning what not to do. Whether you’re a teacher, student or parents here are some ideas on improving remote learning.

How Remote Learning Can Work Long Term

Technology Is Your Friend - Yes It Is

EVERYONE must equip themselves with the knowledge and skills of using different online learning tools, apps and games. In addition to knowing how the technology works, parents and teachers must also be aware as to why and when to use specific learning tools to gain the best interaction with students. There must be brain breaks built into online learning as well as discussion breaks to keep students engaged and ensure retention of material.

Keep It Simple - Always

Don’t make things complicated by using too many different learning apps and platforms during one school day. Keep it as simple as possible. Avoid confusion by setting simple, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, and timely objectives. A good example is to connect new content with old ones and provide numerous examples. Just like what education expert Paul Kirschner said "you must refer to relevant prior knowledge that your students already have" . He also added that the most important factor in learning new things is what one already knows. Building upon what your students already learned can make learning fun and interesting for them.

Make Remote Learning Interactive - Please

It’s the one challenge facing teachers today. How do I make it interactive so students stay engaged staring at a screen or even while in the classroom. Students need to have the opportunity to actively process whatever information they’re presented with. That’s why varied exercises like brief quizzes, mini discussions and Q & A sessions should surround each lesson. Modeling an example through a video or even investing time in AR (augmented reality) is also a good idea.

Remote learning is here to stay even if it is integrated within a new classroom experience. The ecosystem is here and will only get bigger and better.

Make Remote Learning Interactive

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